Another Judge Without A Clue

Imagine if a judge declared that you were only allowed to buy one book a month and that 12 books a year is more than enough. Also imagine that in addition to the limit on the number of books the judge allowed to stand a rule that some books were banned and in order to buy your books you had to go through an extensive and expensive background check and obtain a license to buy the books. Now imagine that once you satisfied these demands you had to (re)register your books every three years.

Sounds like an infringement on your right to participate in free speech. The government is not allowed to ban books or require you to register to buy them. The First Amendment allows people to sell even the vilest pornography and allows you to buy them (reasonable age restrictions aside).

A federal judge upheld a D.C. law requiring guns to be registered every three years, the requirement for fingerprints and photographs of the purchasers/owners and the limit of one handgun purchase per month.

Judge James Boasberg dismissed the challenge to these Draconian (and unconstitutional) laws. It seems that this judge feels it is his duty to decide what protects society and then rule based on his opinion. I am no legal scholar but it seems to me that a judge is required to rule based on the Constitutionality of the issue in question.

People in D.C live in one of the strictest places with regard to gun laws and, like their restrictive allies in places like Chicago, suffer the highest rates of crimes committed with guns. D.C. is not safer because of these gun laws and the way this judge handled the case shows not only he is a disgrace to the bench but he also has no concept of reality.

I am pretty sure how he would have ruled had the case been the scenario I described above and I am absolutely certain how he would have ruled if this case were about restrictions on abortions instead of guns.

The Second Amendment is part of the Constitution and the history regarding the inclusion of that Amendment leaves no doubt what the Founders wanted when they included it.

Unfortunately, we now live in a society where people like this judge dishonor our Founders by violating their oath in the name of feel good (though ineffective) laws that infringe on our very rights.

My advice to people in D.C is to move outside the city limits (but not to Maryland, another Socialist nightmare) to escape the tyranny.

Escape the tax burden and unchain the shackles of tyranny and be free.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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