Another Hillary Fabrication?

Not to obfuscate any issues but it is well documented to people willing to open their eyes that Hillary Clinton has trouble telling the truth. She lied about when she knew about Bill and Monica, she lied about how she got the name Hillary and there are countless other lies that she has told as well documented in the numerous books about her. Hillary was addressing the fact that Obama and Edwards are pouring in on Iowa because she is running close there her dig at them was they have failed to break through nationally). She said this about the piling on:

She laughs: “I am well aware this is ‘pile on.’ I used to play touch football with my brothers and my friends, and I am on the bottom and they are piling on, and I’m thinking how am I going to get out of here?” Des Moines Register

Touch football does not involve tackling which is why they call it touch football. It is possible that since she was a girl they tackled her and piled on or that even though they called t touch they tackled however, candidate’s statements are open to much tighter scrutiny than most other people’s especially when they have a history of fabricating stories for political gain.

I imagine this was another of the Hillary trying to appear like a regular person but it falls short. The truth is, she is worried about Iowa because if one of the others wins it will give that campaign a serious boost. Hillary knows that her hubby ignored Iowa and that while the national polls look good for her, the local polls in other places are not as great and she still has a 50% negative rating to overcome. When 50% of the people polled say they will never vote for you is unlikely that you can win especially when you will not get all of the other 50%. She keeps a stiff upper lip but she is worried.

Failure would kill her. Success would kill the country.

But then again, maybe I am just piling on…

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4 Responses to “Another Hillary Fabrication?”

  1. Sheldon says:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton has shown through her record that her word is not reliable. That explains why so many Americans don’t trust Hillary Clinton to be truthful.

  2. Adam says:

    Clinton is worried about the most important primaries in her political career and is being political about it? Big surprise. She’s a powerful politician though, and knows the ropes.

    What seems to annoy many Conservatives about Clinton is not all this talk about lies or political maneuvering, but simply the fact that no matter what they attack the Clinton’s with, the Clinton’s rebound and still have a large support base through it all. This wasn’t true about John Kerry by a long shot. Every single attack stuck to him like stinging Yellow Jackets.

    The same said about Clinton can be said personally about George W. Bush. There are documented lies, fabrications, politicking at the expense of the American people, etc. Yet he takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’ so to speak. Of course a high 20’s/low 30’s approval rating is the response of 8 years of disappointment. I think what is worse than a public impeachment hearing is the inside fear of Bush that he’s going to leave office at Nixon level approval and be thought a buffoon all his days. While the Bush folk are still holding out hope that history will somehow vindicate him though, the present is pretty rough.

    Hillary can’t ignore any of the primaries like her husband. She’s not the charming Leo that he is. She’s going to have to tough it out, try 10 times harder than her male counterparts to appear strong (which she does well so far I think), and if she slips up in the first one try not to scream about it like Dean and just keep on trucking.

    There’s two universal truths in politics right now. One is that no conservative is going to give a Clinton an inch when it comes to something they’ve said or done. Two is that no liberal is going to give Bush an inch when it comes to something they’ve said or done. This expands out to cover inner circles like Gore and Cheney. This doesn’t really make for reasoned discourse on either side right now considering how important these two families are to our current political field.

  3. Big Dog says:

    I agree with the assessment of perceptions of the Bush/Clintons respectively. I think that the media and many Dems are willing to overlook her problems in hope of getting the WH back.
    She might hold her own in the primary but many will not take to he poll driven positions in the general (if she makes it there).

    People might not like GWB but his leadership is not poll driven and therefore the MSM is not able to dictate agenda.

    Low approval? Congress at 11%. Americans are disgusted with politicians in general. Of course, it was the Dems who drove Congresses’ numbers so low.

  4. Adam says:

    I haven’t seen a poll showing 11%, but I do know the numbers are low.

    There was a rise in polling of Congress when the Dems came in making rapid changes like min wage, but since the first few weeks it’s just been business as usual on some of the major issues Americans care about, like the Iraq War. A majority of Americans are displeased with the job Bush is doing with the war and now a majority thinks we shouldn’t have gone in to start with. When the Dems bow to Bush’s every wish on the war of course their polling will drop.

    Hillary has some problems and I don’t agree with her on every issue, but it takes a special kind of politician to sit in the President’s seat. I support Hillary because I thinks he’s a very very strong politician and leader, her major issue has always been making health care more available to Americans (which you know is an important issue with me), and because Republicans hate her so much.

    As for GWB not being poll driven, that’s another dead horse. Of course we elect a leader with a certain amount of trust in his or her decisions outside of what we think is the perfect way, but come on…how does that argument still hold up when a majority of Americans can’t stand his choices, don’t believe his direction for the country is right, and the administrations only argument is give it a few years and we’ll be vindicated. Weak.