Another Criminal Nabbed

Atlanta Transit Police have nabbed a man and charged him with selling a $1.75 subway token (the actual value of the token) to a man who was having trouble getting a token out of the vending machine. Atlanta evidently has some law against reselling tokens even if it is for the exact face value of the token. I can certainly understand that Atlanta does not want people buying all the tokens from the machines and then selling them for more than they actually cost but it would seem to me that the act of a good Samaritan should not be punished.

What kind of criminal is this guy if he sold the token for the face value? In all reality, the man said he gave the token away and the other person must have paid him the face value out of a sense of obligation. The questions I have are; why is it against the law to sell a token for its face value and why did the Atlanta Transit folks not ensure their machine was working correctly so that the consumer could get a token from it?

The police handcuffed Donald Pirone and issued him a misdemeanor citation for his obvious CAPITOL offense. It is a good thing he did not walk around giving away tokens or they might have hanged him! It would seem to me that Atlanta has enough problems with real crime without having to drum up something from nothing.

Read it here.

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