Another Conspiracy Theory

The Daily Times, A New Voice For Pakistan is reporting that the British government is demanding an apology for comments made by Iran that the subway bombings were carried out by Britain. I quoted the entire story which can be found here.

LONDON: Britain protested furiously on Tuesday to Iran over comments by a leading Iranian politician that the London bombings might have been deliberately carried out by the British government.

One possible reason for the July 7 attacks, in which at least 56 people died, “is that the British government itself created this situation”, Ahmad Janati, a cleric who chairs the powerful Guardians Council, said Friday in a nationally broadcast sermon.

“These allegations are insulting and ridiculous,” a spokesman for the Foreign Office in London said in a strongly worded statement.

“It is a shame that a recent official letter of condolence over the bombings from the Iranian embassy in London and condemnations by Iranian government spokesmen in Tehran have been followed by such irresponsible statements,” the spokesman said.

The Foreign Office had “protested strongly” to the Iranian ambassador in London, he added.

Janati suggested in his sermon that the British government might have carried out the bombings, and that the United States also perpetrated the September 11, 2001 attacks, to justify foreign wars.

“To understand who is behind these events, you need to look at who profits from them,” he said.

“It’s the Americans who profited from September 11 and today it’s the British who are profiting from these attacks.

“They say that it’s to fight terrorism that they have to go to Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere, and that’s how they justify their presence in those countries.”

Rank this right up there with Elvis is alive (we know he is not or he would have shown up when his daughter married Michael Jackson), Area 51, Big Foot, we never landed on the Moon, and the Loch Ness Monster. These words from Iran are designed to place blame for terrorism on somebody other than the terrorists actually committing the crimes.

The biggest problem here is not that these jackasses made the claims. We know that none of them know what the truth is. Remember Baghdad Bob? The real problem is that there are people in the world who will believe this. Some people in this country will actually believe this. I have heard some of the libs make the very same claims. In all reality, this is exactly why the terrorists leaders of these Arab nations make such preposterous claims. Because they know some people will believe them.

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