Another Clinton Slithers Out Of Trouble

Bill Clinton was called slick Willie and that was appropriate because he was slick enough to get out of all kinds of trouble. If anyone is Teflon coated though, it has to be Hillary Clinton. She was neck deep in under reporting campaign contributions and the allegations were all backed up by the guy who paid the money. Peter Paul provided all the paperwork and claims that he wrote a letter to Clinton years ago demanding that she report the money and return it because under reporting made it an illegal contribution. Hillary never answered the letter. This is after Paul was chided for bringing the issue up at the actual event. He was told that he needed to be quiet because he did not want to be the person who caused Hillary trouble in the Senatorial election.

Here we have proof that Hillary knew what she got and she knew it was under reported and she kept quiet about it. It was not until Paul sent paperwork to the FEC and sued both Clintons that her people acknowledged the “mistake.” How is Hillary made of Teflon? She got a letter from the FEC stating that she did nothing wrong. This is the person all the moonbats want to be our next President. She knew that she did something illegal and covered it up and then she pays a fine (which means she did something wrong) and she ends up with a letter clearing her “good” name.

Hillary learned well from her husband who was involved in campaign finance irregularities involving illegal money from the Chinese. These people have no regard for the law and they only care about how they can get in power. Once again a Clinton is able to break the law and walk away as free as a bird.

Interestingly, it was learned that Hillary received some money from Jack Abramoff. She donated it to charity in an effort to get rid of the money, like so many other politicians. Now it is possible that Clinton was the benefactor of a legal campaign contribution. It will be however, quite difficult for her and the rest of the donks to point at the President and anyone else who discovered Abramoff money and gave it back or donated it to charity. Isn’t it funny that a few years ago everyone wanted this guy’s money and now it is no good to them. What a difference the threat of jail makes to people.

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One Response to “Another Clinton Slithers Out Of Trouble”

  1. Jo says:

    This is going to cut through party lines — probably is, the libs won’t see their party failings, or blow them off …. Thanks for the articles.