Another Botched Joke?

U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen apologized for some remarks he made saying that his attempt at humor wasn’t delivered or received well and he promised it would not happen again. Then he told everyone the attention was distracting from the important work he needs to do in Congress. As is usual for the Democrats, their mean spiritedness and nastiness is dismissed and excused with the “bad joke” or bad attempt at “humor.” (ala John Kerry).

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It is reported that this guy blocked a door to the restroom and told Karl Rove that he [Kagen] kicked Rove’s ass (in the election). He also thanked George bush and Dick Cheney for helping him get elected. Then, in the tactless manner the Democrats are famous for, he referred to Laura Bush as Barbara.

I could never work in DC because if this guy blocked the bathroom door I was trying to enter I would show him what a real ass kicking is and if I felt for one minute he insulted my wife they would be flying flags at half staff in honor of his short Congressional career. Of course, he excuses his behavior and says it was bad humor.

It is amazing to me that when Democrats say something that does not go over well it is excused as a bad joke or humor gone awry. When they are confronted with their words they claim it is a distraction to the important work they have to do. To me they are nothing more than cowards who do not have the courage of their convictions. If they feel strongly enough to say something they should have the courage to stick by what they said and not cower when confronted. This guy was intent on being a schmuck and now that he was called on it he wants to dismiss it and get back to his important work. Typical of a coward, when confronted he runs.

Things like this help me to understand why the concept of the duel was introduced.

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7 Responses to “Another Botched Joke?”

  1. David says:

    Apologized? An apology first admits having done wrong (and correctly identifies the wrong committed). Lying about what he did invalidates his disingenuous “apology” and simply commits another wrong.

    Ya know… these kindsa folks remind me of the time I learned the difference between the oldtime Nordic barnyard expressions, “uffda” and “feeda”…

    Walking out of a movie theater in Albert Lea, MN, some thirty years ago, I saw two guys ahead of us when one of them exclaimed “Uffda!” and pointed at the ground. The other guy wasn’t fast enough and stepped in someone’s gum inconsiderately tossed on gthe ground, stepped in the gum, lifted his foot and said, “Feeda!”

    Sooo… it’s uffda if you see it and feeda if you step in it. This congresscritter has gone one better: he has “feeda” all over his face and is simply licking his chops for more.

  2. David says:

    BTW, I can’t find an “apology” by this congresscritter, but I did find this interesting article where he’s issuing some yellow-bellied “no comment” responses…

    Huhn Scheiße Democrappic congresscritter….

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