Ann Coulter Says Ignore Election Fraud

There is a big mess in the state of Mississippi where challenger Chris McDaniel lost a runoff election to incumbent establishment Republican Thad Cochran. McDaniel beat Cochran in the primary but did not surpass the threshold required to avoid a runoff. MS has an open primary so people from either party can vote for candidates of their choosing. In the runoff Democrats were allowed to vote but only if they did not vote in the original primary and they had to have the intent to vote for the Republican who won the runoff in the general election (there is no way to enforce that).

The RINO establishment and Cochran team rounded up Democrat support and published hateful information indicating McDaniel and the Tea Party were racists who would keep blacks from voting. Democrats supported Cochran in the runoff and he “won.” It appears though, as if many election laws were broken by the Conchran machine and that Democrats who voted in their primary also voted in the runoff. McDaniel is trying to investigate this but has been hitting roadblocks.

Ann Coulter, the alleged conservative pundit, says it is time for McDaniel to concede. She points to politicians who did not and were never viable again as well as those who were gracious after their fraud gilled losses who were able to have a future career.

In Coulter’s mind the goal is to win the Senate and that is a worthy goal BUT it is not so worthy as to relinquish one’s principle. Coulter is the first one to scream about Democrat election fraud and the need for voter ID but when there is RINO establishment fraud she wants people to ignore it for the greater good.

The greater good is to fight for a system that has integrity.

But the establishment folks will blow this off and then demand people come together and support the RINO candidate for the greater good of taking back the Senate.

It is important to keep in mind that Coulter was all in for Chris Christie, a RINO’s RINO and that she has not backed solid conservatives for years. She is more interested in the end game than pushing for true conservatism and if that means keeping a RINO who has a chance then take your 30 pieces of silver and move on, unite and vote R.

The title of her article tells the Tea Party to learn from a liberal, Al Gore. Why not learn from John Thune or one of the others she touts as having been gracious and who lived to win another day? Only Ann can answer that but I find it an odd way to make her point.

Ignoring the blatant fraud and encouraging people to gather around one candidate might seem like a winning proposition but it is not.

Conservatives in the state of Mississippi are not happy and if the runoff results stand they will not vote for Cochran. Many Republicans in the state who are upset with the games will likely stay home or not vote in the Senate race (or more importantly will protest vote for the Democrat) and one can be certain all the Democrats who voted for Cochran to help him in the runoff will NOT vote for him in the general election.

It seems to me the Coulter and establishment plan is to ensure a Democrat gets the Senate seat in MS.

These folks, the ones who decry the large Democrat vote among blacks and Hispanics as only voting for the D, want us to do the same thing. That thing is vote for the person with the R next to their name no matter what because we said so.

Republicans have not done much when in the majority whether it be Senate or House and the only advantages of winning the Senate would be to get rid of Harry Reid and to nearly completely roadblock Obama (he still has a phone and a pen).

Coulter is a gifted writer and I like her books. She has a way with words that really brings her points home. But she is a typical Northeastern Republican whose idea of conservatism is in line with the establishment view of middle of the road, go along to get along, anything to win an election mentality. This has not worked and it will not work.

We tried it their way and we have Barack Obama and the twits on the left who are ruining this country with assistance from the RINO establishment. We have not won big using their plan.

We won big when the Tea Party became involved and that is how we took the House. We lost the Senate because the very same establishment types who tell us to circle the wagons around their candidate refused to do the same with candidates who beat their sacred cows. Some of those folks were not the best candidates in the world but they were not the establishment types and if their primary victories got rid of establishment types then all the better no matter what the eventual outcome.

Would it be great to get rid of Harry Reid and roadblock Obama? You bet but not if it means sacrificing integrity.

Ann, a real Republican (and more importantly a conservative Republican) wins on his own merit. If he needs to pander to Democrats then it means his message is more in tune with them than his own party. It is pretty much the same as when liberals run as middle of the road to win the general election and then canter left after they win. You have pointed this out in the past.

Thad moved left (or promised the Holy Grail) to garner Democrat support in a primary about Republicans. His message was not strong enough to garner the support of his own party. The entire process was rife with fraud and that is as infuriating as his appeal to Democrats.

Your advice though, is to suck it up, remove our pants and bend over so long as we support Thad in his quest for continued RINO mediocrity.

Sorry but I don’t work that way and I think you will find that neither do those who were screwed over by Thad.

I am not a citizen of Mississippi but I am willing to bet there are enough Republicans there who will ensure Thad does not win reelection should the results of the fraud filled runoff hold.

No problem though Ann. You can just write another book about the mob mentality of the left that has crept into the RINO establishment.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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8 Responses to “Ann Coulter Says Ignore Election Fraud”

  1. Mike Ontiches says:

    You claim that Coulter, an author you admit to liking despite her established penchant for plagiarism, is ignoring election fraud, yet your only evidence is that “It appears as if many election laws were broken by the Conchran machine.” You say that McDaniel is investigating, but is being stymied by roadblocks.

    I’m just wondering that if and when the truth comes out that there was in fact no impropriety in the election (claiming the other guy cheated is one of the most facile and common tactics in politics, specially in racially charged elections), you will admit as much. My guess is that you will insist that there had to be cheating even if none was found, just like you complain about the ugly health status of migrant children with your only evidence of their being infested with this and that is that nurses say so.

    Oh well. This is, after all, just a blog, and you’re not beholden to honesty or journalistic standards.

    • Big Dog says:

      The lice scabies and TB exist Mike and while you think there is an issue with listening to health care providers saying so your only source to the contrary is the regime which desires to keep these things under wraps. The border guards getting these diseases would probably differ with you. Having provided care to people from third world nations I can attest to the state of the health in general. These nurses are not lying. You claim Coulter has a penchant for plagiarism with what proof? I offer the accounts of the people who have been discussing Cochran. As you will note, one of my complaints was that he appealed to Democrats rather than Republicans in order to win. If ample proof is provided and is ignored then yes, I will say he was cheated. If ample proof is not provided then he was not. If more Democrats voted in both elections than the margin of victory than in my mind there is sufficient evidence to invalidate. Do you feel Al Gore was cheated or should have kept his mouth shut and how do you feel about libs who claim he was robbed when all recounts show otherwise (despite the MSM attempt to disenfranchise Republicans)? Beholden to honesty? You looking in a mirror?

      • Mike Ontiches says:

        “one of my complaints was that he appealed to Democrats rather than Republicans in order to win.”

        Wait — are you actually claiming that it’s against the law to conduct politics in a partisan manner? that to you is “fraud”? Really? I guess there’s no arguing with that level of…whatever.

        And I didn’t say that anyone’s lying about some immigrants having diseases (that’s new?), but the limited and anonymous anecdotes you mention don’t define some unspeakably large problem, and whatever your own alleged “Third World” experience of decades past might have been, it doesn’t mean anything now. Guess what? I know lots of inner-city RNs and they assure me that American kids are as consistently carriers of pathogenic ne’er-do-wells as those nasty brown people. So we’re even.

        See, nurses are always going to see people carrying infectious diseases, possibly because they, I dunno, work in hospitals and that’s their job?

        You sound much like this lying asshole:

        Your willingness to look down on immigrants as a group smacks of the way people from educated America look down on Southerners, although in the latter case there’s a damn good reason for this. White, fat religious rednecks are vile.

        Finally, please don’t link to if you expect me to take you seriously (which is impossible regardless). That site should have keeled over and died when he did. What’s next, Townhall or WND?

        • Big Dog says:

          No Mike. I will type slowly to help you. It was a Republican primary and that is where one gets the nod from people in his party. He can appeal for bipartisan support in the general. His job is to convince his party he deserves their support and he could not do it. The 8000 or so Democrats who voted in both and the money paid for votes are the items showing fraud. Do try to keep up.

          I do not look down at immigrants and you are using the same false narrative as the rest of the uninformed. You leave out the word ILLEGAL. I am all for legal immigrants. Have a few moving here shortly who have been friends for years. Took them nearly a decade because they did it legally. Those crossing the border are doing so illegally.

          I posted a link about the border guard. Sorry I did not use NYT but that rag is full of lies. Inner cities (all run by liberals) have higher rates of these things but not at the levels coming in. Drug resistant TB is going to cause real problems. I would defer to you and your alleged nurse friends bu I am sure I have a bit more experience and way more resources in this arena.

          Couple this with the terrorists and gang members walking in and we will have real problems. Maybe your family will be the ones attacked or sickened. If so please feel good about obfuscating the issue and assisting the law breakers.

          Did you tolerate this kind of stuff as a soldier or were you only dismissive of the law after you left?

          • Mike Ontiches says:

            “The 8000 or so Democrats who voted in both and the money paid for votes are the items showing fraud.”

            And again, I’m waiting for evidence of this fraud to surface. I’m sure it won’t, and within a few days you’ll have moved on to misrepresenting some other current event and jumping the gun and posting in your ass-backward “post stupid rumors as fact and admit it when I’m wrong later, or not” style, rather than actually declaring unproven or simply untrue things as fact because it’s all you had to work with at the time.

            If you were an actual journalistic entity instead of a hole-in-the-wall blog, you couldn’t get away with claiming that someone has committed fraud unless someone had at least been charged. As a blogger, sure, you can jabber about elections that don’t go the way you wish they had as being the result of criminal misdeeds by liberals, but you just sound like a fool when you do.

            “Sorry I did not use NYT but that rag is full of lies.”

            I see. The NY Times may not lean the way you want it to, but it does have an ombudsman and hews to ethical standards, whereas is just a freewheeling load of shit. This is indisputable.

            And you don’t have to sound the terrorism and general hysteria alarm with every…single…reply to me you make. Watching someone who says “MAYBE YOU’LL WAKE UP WHEN IT”S YOUR FAMILY BEING HAULED OFF BY THE ENEMY!!!” as a stock response is equal parts pathetic, bizarre, and paranoid. Criminy.

            • Mike Ontiches says:

              “rather than actually declaring” above should be “rather than simply not declaring,” as if it matters.