Andy Harris is a Great Candidate for Congress

Andy Harris

I had the opportunity to attend a fund raiser for Andy Harris. Andy is running for Congress in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District. I have been a supporter of Andy Harris since he announced he was running and, as many of you who read this blog know, I worked hard at exposing the failings of Wayne Gilchrest, the RINO who is currently the Representative from the 1st. Harris beat Gilchrest by a pretty good margin.

Andy Harris is a true conservative but more than that, he is genuine. I met him tonight and I immediately felt that he was sincere, warm, dedicated, and committed. In other words, he wasn’t playing “politician”. He seems like a man of the people who has the best interests of the constituents at heart. It is common in the Army to call a great leader a soldier’s soldier. These are leaders who belonged to the soldiers, not the politicians. Omar Bradley was one such person. Andy Harris gives the impression of being the civilian equivalent of a soldier’s soldier in that he belongs to the people, not to the politicians or political machine. It would probably pain Andy to see the comparison to a soldier since he is an officer in the Naval reserve. Take heart Andy, it pains me every time Navy beats Army in football…

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich was there as well and he gave a nice talk. I met him and I, for the life of me, cannot figure out what Marylanders were thinking when they voted for Ehrlich’s opponent. I imagine there are quite a few people with a bit of buyer’s remorse right about now. Governor Ehrlich had some nice things to say about those of us in attendance and about Andy Harris.

I supported Andy Harris right out of the box because I listened to him and I read about him. He gave every appearance of being a true conservative and the kind of person we need to have in Congress. I worked to ensure his primary opponent was taken to task for of all his failings because I wanted to ensure a real conservative won that seat. I have to admit though, a little part of me was concerned that I might be backing someone who would turn out to be a typical politician (but nearly anything would be better than what we had).

After meeting Andy Harris tonight I no concerns about him whatsoever. I can say without reservation that this man is a genuine leader who will serve with honor and dignity. You could not ask to meet a nicer person. A big plus is that he is a doctor and not a lawyer. Congress has enough of them already.

Andy Harris has an interesting biography and I recommend you go to his site and read it. I am not permitted to solicit donations for any candidate so I will just say that if you are so inclined to donate to him, you can find the necessary information at his site.

Andy Harris in 08!

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Andy Harris is a Great Candidate for Congress”

  1. Lets Talk Issues! says:

    What are the platforms of the candidates for the MD Cong 1st district?

    What are their positions on the extremely important issues that face the citizens of Maryland as we proceed into the future?

    What are they claiming to be able to accomplish in the first 12 to 24 months?

    With whom will they work to compromise and move forward legislation that will truly offer successful solutions to deep problems in our economy, universal health care, development of alternative sources of energy, saving the Social Security and pension system, to name just a few.

    We are all tired of the old song and dance.

    We will no longer follow the old line that the other party is the enemy!

    If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Get out of the way.

    A hard rain is going to come.

  2. Big Dog says:

    You assume that everyone wants the issues you speak about or that they are the most important.

    I do not favor universal health care and will not vote for someone who wants taxpayers to pay for everyone else’s coverage.

    Alternative energy has been the mantra for 30 or 40 years and yet it is not here. We need to use the oil we have (by drilling) and work on new forms of energy. It is stupid and quite foolish to abandon what we have and can use when there is no alternative in place.

    The “deep” problems in our economy? It has been good for the last 6 or 7 years. The housing bubble (caused by Democrats forcing banks to lend to everyone else they are discriminating) and the refusal to drill for our own oil. Unemployment is low and we are still seeing growth, though it is low.

    Social Security is a rip off. It should be done away with. I am tired of paying so they can give it to retirees. Put our money in PRIVATE accounts so we can have OUR money when we retire. The government has abused SS and corrupted the system. It is their little ATM machine and only a dolt thinks it should be saved.

    Harris is a good Conservative who will favor small government, lower taxes, and less intrusion.