Andy Harris for Congress in Maryland’s First District

I have written a number of times about my problem with Maryland First Congressional District Congressman Wayne Gilchrest and it is no secret to my readers that I am extremely dissatisfied with Gilchrest’s positions on many topics but particularly on the war and immigration. Wayne Gilchrest has sided with the cut and run Democrats and voted with them to bring our troops home in defeat and to weaken America. In a letter to me he said that when he was in Vietnam he hoped every day that Congress would bring him home. Wayne, I thank you for your service but hope is not proper mission planning. Perhaps if you were executing your mission instead of obsessing with Congress bringing you home we might have won the war.

As for immigration, once again Gilchrest shows that he is a RINO. He supports amnesty for those who have broken our laws and entered this country ILLEGALLY. As an aside, immigration arrested about 1500 gang members today and 1000 of them were ILLEGALS. These are the people Wayne wants to grant amnesty. Wayne Gilchrest has an R after his name but he is in fact a Democrat in every sense of the word. He continually votes with the Democrats on issues that run contrary to what real Republicans want. Wayne voted in favor of the S-CHIP bill which is nothing more than the gateway to socialized medicine. Sure we have it now but Wayne voted for the new and improved version that would provide health care to children in families making over 80,000 dollars a year. I have written a number of times that if Gilchrest had a primary opponent I would work for that person and if Gilchrest made it to the general election I would vote for the Democrat opposing him. This is how strongly I feel about getting him out of office. I understand he started out as a good guy but DC, as it does with so many, changed Wayne.

I am happy to announce that Maryland State Senator Andy Harris is running against Wayne Gilchrest and I am equally happy to fully support his candidacy. I like Andy Harris and I like his views and Conservative values. Andy Harris is a physician who serves in the Naval Reserve and holds the rank of Commander. Senator Harris is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm and instead of hoping Congress would bring him home, he pressed on with his mission. Most importantly, with regard to the war, Senator Harris understands what is at stake and he knows that our enemy seeks to convert people to Islam or to kill them. In Andy’s own words; “In this war, surrender is not an option.”

Senator Harris I am happy to throw my support behind you and your campaign to bring Conservatism back to the First District. It is refreshing to have a candidate who does not distort his record to appease the masses. I look forward to supporting you and being there when you raise your hand in victory in the primary election and again in the general. I believe that the large number of family and friends in the First will be behind you and I will work on those who are not yet decided.

I urge all Marylanders in the First Congressional District to vote for Andy Harris for Congress.

Big Dog

***Disclosure: I receive no compensation from any political campaign and thus was not compensated for this post.***

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  1. Lura Damron says:

    We need to see his website or a contributions site – it needs to be easy to help.