And This Is Integrity?

I usually ignore most stories that involve Judith Miller because I really do not care what happens to her. If the NYT treats her badly or she is now looked down upon by her peers that is really her problem. She took certain positions and if they came back to bite her it is not my concern. This is a short piece to point out the hypocrisy involved in her little adventure. You see, Miller is saying that she went to jail because of her integrity. She would not give up her source so she has integrity and people should bow down and kiss her feet. Well, she wrote an email in response to some of the arrows shot her way by folks at the Times. Here is one thing she said:

My second journalistic sin in your eyes was agreeing to Libby’s request to be considered a “former Hill staffer” in his discussion about Wilson. As you acknowledged, I agreed to that attribution only to hear the information. As I also stressed, Scooter Libby has never been identified in any of my stories as anything other than a “senior Administration official.”

It appears that Libby asked that he be referred to as a former Hill staffer. Miller admits that she only agreed to that so that he would tell her the information and then she referred to him as a senior Administration official. What she is saying is that she lied to him to get him to tell her something. She made a promise she had no intention of keeping. This is the kind of integrity that she has. If she were truly a person of integrity she would have kept her promise.

Let this be a lesson. Reporters will tell you anything to get a story. Once they have it they will screw you to a wall. Everything is on the record and once they have written the story you don’t have a prayer of being believed. I also think it is funny that she would be upset that they questioned her integrity and then use her lack of integrity as the basis for the argument. I am glad she went to jail. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if she stayed there.

Read it here.

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