And They Say Gun Control Saves Lives

The State of Maryland is supposed to be the Free State, or at least that is what they say. It is anything but free. When it comes to firearms and the allegedly free people of the state keeping and bearing them the state disallows that.

The only people in the state who are allowed to carry firearms are the criminals. When I say allowed I mean they do not obey the gun laws of the state and carry them in spite of the rules. The law abiding people of the state do not carry firearms around and are left at the mercy of those who disregard the law.

The state already has strict gun laws with a large number of firearms banned and a longer wait time than the feds require to obtain those firearms the state deems worthy of sale. The strict gun laws have done absolutely nothing to stop the murders by criminals carrying guns so the liberal morons in the state passed even stricter gun laws. Those laws will take effect in October and a lot more firearms will be banned. The crime rate will not go down and the liberal morons will push for more laws.

The state police are charged with determining who is worthy of owning a firearm and by law they have 7 days to do so. They are running at about 90 days and even though the law states that firearms dealers may release them after 7 days if the State Police have not responded those dealers are being pressured not to do so. The police are ignoring the law and generally getting away with it.

Another issue is the ability to get a concealed carry permit. The only people who can get one are those who are politically connected. The rest of the people have to have good and substantial reason to get one. The law does not define good and substantial so the police have taken it upon themselves to determine that if you have a business and carry money you can get a limited permit. You can protect your money but not your own life.

This is all to keep us safe because guns on the street are bad. Now mind you, the law abiding are not the ones carrying guns and in places where they are not denied their Constitutional right the crime rates and the number of gun related crimes are much lower than in places that restrict.

Maryland claims that the gun laws prevent gun crimes. The state has strict laws and in Baltimore City the rules are even worse. That has not stopped the gun related crimes AS ALL REASONABLE PEOPLE KNEW WOULD BE THE CASE.

Over this past weekend 20 people were shot in Baltimore. 10 of them died. On Monday another person was shot and today 5 others were shot (1 dead 4 injured) by ILLEGAL guns.

The people in charge are neglecting sanity and blaming guns that they vow to take off the streets.

They will never be able to get guns out of the hands of criminals because criminals do not jump through all the hoops the state requires. Only the law abiding do that. If the law abiding are lucky they get to buy a gun. They never get a permit to carry one because, well you know, that would be too dangerous.

Liberals are idiots and Martin O’Malley, the governor of Maryland, is a top notch idiot. He pushed this agenda by dancing on the graves of the dead children in Newtown. He is boasting about his gun laws and his trampling on the Constitution because he is an anti American slug.

And that idiot wants to be president. He is not worthy of anyone’s trust. He is not worthy of leading anything. This idiot could not organize a child’s birthday party. Hell, he could not lead a group of people out of a burning building.

Gun control is costing people their lives. What Maryland needs is criminal control. We also need the state police to start approving carry permits for people who are law abiding and have no disqualifying factors without applying arbitrary reasons (reasons that are not codified in Maryland law) to those who are no threat to society.

We also need to get rid of the newly passed gun control laws and every politician who voted for them.

And we need to ensure that Martin O’Moron is never elected to any other office. His next term should be in prison.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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11 Responses to “And They Say Gun Control Saves Lives”

  1. Real Deal says:

    One thing you missed Big Dog. There was a NJ police officer who was arrested when he defended himself with his service weapon in MD against clear attackers. Two large men in a car ran his vehicle off the road, stopped their vehicle, got out and proceeded to charge him after he had shown his badge and firearm ordering them to stop and not approach. He shot one of the men who died. I heard about the incident on WCBM, but here is a link.

    The article doesn’t mention it but there were two men in the other vehicle. Now if he had not been a cop but the average unarmed MD citizen, what do you think might have happened to him and his family?

    • Big Dog says:

      There are several versions of the story and it is in doubt if he was run off the road. He might have been able to do what the police would tell us, keep driving and call the police. He was from NJ so what was he doing carrying a firearm in MD? What authority did he have here? If you or I were legally carrying and this happened they would arrest us as well. I am suspicious of the account of the story. However, if he was legally carrying (a shame he can and MD citizens cannot) and shot in self defense then good for him. I still wonder what other options he had (options we would be forced to take because we are disarmed) and I wonder how he feels being from a state that disarms and shooting in a state that disarms and being able to do so solely because he is a cop.

  2. “He was from NJ so what was he doing carrying a firearm in MD? What authority did he have here?”

    His authority was: PUBLIC LAW 108-277 [H.R. 218]
    JUL. 22, 2004
    “To amend title 18, United States Code, to exempt qualified current and former law enforcement officers from State laws prohibiting the carrying of concealed handguns.”


    • Big Dog says:

      Maryland does not go by that law. It is obvious by the number of former law enforcement officers who have been denied permits to carry in Maryland. Is there a requirement in Maryland for the out of state officer to inform police of the carry? Did he accomplish this? The LEOSA has restrictions and places with strict gun control impose a lot of restrictions in general. Did this guy meet the standard? LEOSA is only a defense and does not preclude being arrested for using a firearm (or carrying one). So, did he meet all the requirements and did he have authority?

  3. “Maryland does not go by that law.”

    Very interesting. If that is the case, we can count the concept of nullification as alive and well. Are there other Federal laws that “progressive” Maryland “does not go by”?

    By the way, a former LEO with valid credentials does not need a state “permit” but his credentials must state that the agency from which he retired specifically authorizes him to carry concealed. My California retired ID is valid in all US jurisdictions.

    • Big Dog says:

      It might just be Maryland retired officers. And yes, to be a retired officer and carry in MD you need a permit. This might just be for MD residents (I assume they would respect some other state’s permit). MD does not nullify, it ignores the Constitution. MD is not progressive, it is communistic.

      • “Progressive/communistic”: a distinction without a difference? I doubt it could be worse than Kalifornia.

        According to both California and Georgia Depts of Justice: “All US jurisdictions are bound by the provisions of Federal law and the LEOSA specifically exempts LEOs and retired qualified retired LEOS from state and local CCW laws”. Mine clearly states “Lifetime or until revoked”. I suggest Maryland residents consult with the appropriate state agency. Also, LEOSA does not relieve individual LEOs or retirees from state use of force laws.

        • Big Dog says:

          It is getting close to commieformia! It matters not what the law says. We know what the 2A says and Maryland tramples on it with the assistance of tyrants in robes.

          I know several Leos who were denied a permit to carry. And like I said MD requires a permit. You can look it up at their website.

          As far as I am concerned the police should not be allowed this if it is prohibited to regular citizens. And if there is a realization that cops armed no matter where they are provide safety why not let all honorably discharged veterans have the same consideration and in all 50 states.

          • Interesting isn’t it, that a permission slip is required in order to exercise a natural right that the highest law of the land specifically recognizes. The next thing you know our rulers will be demanding punishment for hapless souls who violate secrecy “laws” by exposing war crimes and revealing lawless spying by the government.

            Oops! Sorry!

            ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!!

  4. Vxnschatzee says:

    Just an FYI – many police departments require their officers to be armed 24/7 so most states (if not all) extend the courtesy to those active-duty officers that they may in fact carry concealed without notifying police throughout the country (unless they are pulled over, of course, when they would tell them anyway).

    I would like to know what is considered good enough justification to carry a weapon. I work downtown, at odd hours in the night, right in the middle of the City that Bleeds. Not enough – have to be a victim of something vicious first before they consider it. Nice.