And They Said The UN Did Not Need Bolton

Surfside and I have written a number of times about the UN. The lefties out there defend the UN more vigorously than they do our own country. As much as they keep telling us that the UN is an honorable organization that is policing its own it is just too hard to believe. Especially when stories like this keep popping up.

One of the targets of the Oil-for-Food investigation, Alexander Yakovlev, on Monday pleaded guilty to conspiracy, wire fraud and money laundering charges for taking bribes during his work at the United Nations. Fox News

Rape, scandal, bribes, ineffective missions, narcissism, no bid contracts (where is the left on that one), and bribery/wire tapping/money laundering. They seem to lack discipline there at the UN. Perhaps a no nonsense guy like Bolton can tighten them up a bit.

The UN, organizing crime globally, the way it should be.

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One Response to “And They Said The UN Did Not Need Bolton”

  1. Freedom 7 says:

    Regarding the UN, of course the American Left supports it – where else could they find such a comprehensive bastion of the anti-American philosophy they hold in ultimate regard? The American Left will find no such companionship among the overwhelming ranks of loyal citizens of this nation. (This would appear to be the source of the Left’s confusion that they “just can’t get their message out.” Their confusion is the result of a fact they can’t seem to comprehend: we understand their message, we just recognize it as the garbage it is.)

    The UN will probably never be surpassed, even by Islamic fundamentalist radical factions, as an anti-United States organization. Their continuing efforts to impose “international conventions” regarding loss of parental rights, loss of life to the unborn, and loss of national autonomy mark them as opposed to fundamental beliefs that most US citizens recognize as the lifeblood of our nation’s ideals.

    And yet, I can not, in good conscience call the ruling members of the UN as well as the leaders of the American Left worthless liars. God made them, so they are not worthless.

    Freedom 7