And Then There Is Ray Nagin

Anyone who paid attention to the hurricane Katrina mess in New Orleans knows who Ray Nagin is. In case you missed it, he is the Mayor of New Orleans. Yep, he is the guy who did not have a good evacuation plan and who left all the buses on the parking lot so that his fellow citizens could die at home. It is well known that New Orleans was more than 60% black and it is now known, despite the assertions of idiots like Kanye West, that more white people died (as a percentage of representative population) than did blacks.

Ray Nagin knows that his base is the black vote. The same Nagin who could not get the buses off the lots for evacuation always seems to be able to get the buses out on election day to ferry his base to the polls. Nagin is aware that the demographics might well change in his home town (thus making reelection less certain) because a large number of people have indicated they are happy with the places they have moved to and do not intend to return home. Nagin, however, sees it a different way. He said that New Orleans would be “chocolate” again.

This is disturbing on many levels. Can you imagine what the uproar would have been like if someone had referred to New Orleans as chocolate during the hurricane? Imagine how it would have gone over if President Bush had been making his speech (where he gave $250 Billion to New Orleans) and he said “We will make New Orleans chocolate again.” Kanye and every other idiot would have been calling him a racist. Does this also mean Nagin will reject non-blacks who desire to live in New Orleans? Will he reject them to get his chocolate dream?

It is disturbing to hear this on any given day but on a day like today we are reminded that when Dr. King spoke about racism and discrimination he was not only addressing the oppression and discrimination perpetrated by white people.


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