And So It Begins

As I have said before, our Idiot in Chief has no clue as to what is going on in the real world- he plays in his little marxist sandbox, because here in the US, you can play make- believe with few real consequences. Truthfully, the real world, the one outside of  Hussein’s narcissistic head, has real consequences for real actions, and Hussein (and the rest of us, unfortunately) are about to be spanked good by the Soviets Russia.

Nikolai Patrushev, the head of Russia’s Security Council, said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper that Russia would consider an opportunity of using nuclear arms depending on circumstances and intentions of a potential enemy.

“In situations critical for national security, a preventive nuclear strike against the aggressor is not ruled out,” he said.

The section of Russia’s military doctrine about the opportunity to use nuclear weapons was formulated to preserve the status of a nuclear power for the Russian Federation. The document states that Russia can apply nuclear deterrence against potential enemies to prevent aggression against Russia and its allies.

A “preemptive” strike capability– all the Soviets  Russia has to do is believe you might be “aggressive”, and away go the missiles. It really looks now like Hussein’s decision to take the missile shield out of Poland and the Czech Republic was the boneheaded move I said it was all along.

I’ll bet the Poles and Czechs are feeling a little naked- and not at all sure that we have their back. I am pretty sure they miss George Bush.

Funny but I don’t remember the Bush/Cheney Evil Twins threatening to preemptively nuke someone. Yet they were the dangers to the world and the Russians are the ones we need to reengage with in a kinder and gentler way.

So, we throw eastern Europe under the bus by scrapping missile defense and we get no help on Iran. We practically beg for a new nuclear arms reduction treaty and we get this kind of rhetoric out of the Soviets, er, Russians (sorry, don’t know how I could have made that mistake).

It’s almost as if the weaker we appear, the more belligerent the Soviets, damn, the Russians become.

This won’t get much play in the US because no one really thinks the Russians are going to nuke anyone, especially us, but you can be the Poles, Ukrainians and Georgians are taking this very seriously.

Once again, it’s getting to be down right dangerous to be a friend of the US.

Well, it sure is dangerous to be a “friend” of Hussein’s- he will stab you in the back in a heartbeat, and his mantra is along the lines of “What have you done for me lately”- a position that doesn’t exactly engender loyalty. He treats his “friends” and “allies” like Dixie cups, to be tossed aside after being used.

Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Kremlin’s security council, said the new doctrine offers “different options to allow the use of nuclear weapons, depending on a certain situation and intentions of a would-be enemy. In critical national security situations, one should also not exclude a preventive nuclear strike against the aggressor.”

What’s more, Patrushev said, Russia is revising the rules for the employment of nukes to repel conventionally armed attackers, “not only in large-scale, but also in a regional and even a local war.”

Gulp. If I were in Georgia — or in any other country Russia considers part of its sphere of influence — that formulation would make me pretty anxious.

The Russian Federation is considering the “first strike” option as part of a larger overhaul of military doctrine. The new doctrine, which is supposed to be presented to President Dmitry Medvedev later this year, is supposed to provide “flexible and timely” responses to national security threats.

Yeah- did you catch the change in language here? The Soviets  Russians will consider using nukes on countries who use only conventional weapons. For all those still confused out there, that would be countries like Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, The Czech Republic- all the countries that had been conquered before by Russia, and Russia feels still belong to them.

This is chilling, not only because it represents a step backwards in time, but we are crippled by a leader who is so narcissistic  that he probably still, despite all evidence, believes that his golden throat can still pull our chestnuts out of the fire. 

Sorry Charlie- Ivan don’t play dat game. The Soviets Russians  play for keeps- something Reagan knew back then, and we have forgotten since. Do you think it was just a Chamber of Commerce moment, the Soviets Russians buddying up to Hugo Chavez? Or do you think perhaps they want another “Cuban Missile” moment, with Venezuela as the staging area? That is what I am thinking, and the CIA is probably thinking the same thing (in between talking to lawyers about our AG Holder’s “investigation” into how we didn’t offer some terrorists any Perrier or hot stone  massages).

Anyone, either in or out of government who believes that the Soviets Russians are all about peace, knows nothing about the history of Russia, going back to the 1700s- even during the reign of the Tsars (No, ours are spelled differently), the Soviets Russians had world domination on their minds and in their hearts. They had a plan in the 1800s to “push” Siberian peoples out across the Bering Strait, to populate Alaska, and strengthen their hold on it.

The only reason they sold us Alaska, was that they did not believe we could hold onto it, and they might have been right if it wasn’t for the discovery of Gold in the Yukon Territory. In the 1700- 1800s period, there were more Russian trading posts down the West Coast of the US, than any other nationality- San Francisco began that way.

So you can see, this is a pattern that will not go away, and if Hussein had studied history in his University dorm, instead of doing cocaine and pot, he might have had a realistic background in foreign policy, or at least a realistic place to begin.

Now we are crippled with an intelligently challenged Resident, at a time of great danger.

Oh boy-  don’t you just love the smell of fissile material in the morning?


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8 Responses to “And So It Begins”

  1. victoria says:

    “Now we are crippled with an intelligently challenged Resident, at a time of great danger”…. and an intelligently challenged congress as well.
    There are 778 pork line items in the Defense appropriation.

    • Blake says:

      Well, yes Victoria- But we should expect this lack of intelligence from Congress- at 20%, most of the country agrees- none of that would matter, if our Resident was someone people would rally to- someone who could command respect- and he cannot, nor with me. He has done nothing to merit my respect yet.
      I have not seen him take a firm stand on ANYTHING- that’s pretty bad- I have a dog I would trust more right now, because the dog has demonstrated knowledge.

  2. Barbara says:

    I believe Obama knows exactly what he is doing. He is out to destroy America and is working in many ways to bring it about. According to many newspaper reports lately, he is striving to rule the New World Order which one day will be in effect and all nations will be socialistic. Jack Van Impe is a very good bible scholar on Revelations and he has been explaining it on his TV programs.

  3. Blake says:

    Yes, well, Hussein has no clue about the Russians- they are about to make a move I do not think we will be able to counter, and when that happens, do not be surprised if other “allies” begin to circle.
    It is not only on Discovery Channel where you can see jackals pick off the weak.
    Just wait- you’ll be able to see it on a national scale, even international.
    The Russian’s sole weak spot- they believe they can reach an accommodation with the rag heads in the MidEast, and that’s a fool’s thinking.
    Oh- BTW- rag heads are in fact different from muslims-not all muslims wear turbans, but unless you are going on a bombing run, all terrorists wear rags around their head.
    Are we clear?

    • Blake says:

      And if you don’t agree with me, you are a racist.

      • victoria says:

        Actually,and this is just my opinion, before our foreign enemies attack us it maybe our domestic enemies who hate everything American that come banging down our doors. Don’t forget anyone who opposes big government and this administration is on the list.

        • Blake says:

          And you could be right victoria- it may well be our domestic enemies who take us down first-if that ends up being the case, aren’t they going to be surprised when the Russians and anyone else come to feast on them in turn?
          After all, to Russians, an American is an American- they don’t care for American Marxists- if these fools would betray their own country, how could Russia trust them?
          I know would not.

  4. victoria says:

    ….And to Islamic extremists the west is the west and we are all infidels.