And She Was Not Thinking About It At All…

For the longest time Hillary Clinton, when asked if she is going to run for President, said that she was not thinking about that and that she was only focused on reelection. I wrote a number of times that she was lying and that she had been thinking about running and that reelection was nothing more than a stepping stone. Matter of fact, if she had an opponent who was beating her by an insurmountable number she would have withdrawn so as not to suffer the defeat before announcing her White House bid.

Hillary has not been thinking about it? For person who was not thinking about it there are an awfully lot of plans in place. If she had not been thinking about this there would not be a bunch of people working behind the scenes for her presidency. She has now officially asked for Democratic support as she goes through the process of studying whether she should run. Believe me folks, she is running and this whole process thing is a crock. Let me make it clear, unless some terrible thing happens (terrible for Hillary which would be good for America), Hillary Clinton is running for the Presidency.

She is a liar. She and her husband have perfected lying to people. They lie when ample proof exists to show they are lying. They remind me of Baghdad Bob who screamed that the occupiers had not entered Baghdad as American tanks were rolling down the streets of that city. Bill has been manipulating data since he left office and he blew his top with flat out lies on a Fox interview. Hillary lied about her billing records, when she knew about Bill’s sex affair, and she lied about running for president. Quite a few books have been written that show how Hillary lies and manipulates. It should come as no surprise that she manipulated all the dolts who bought her “I am only thinking about reelection” BS.

Hillary’s entire time in the Senate has been a lie. She pretends to be moderate when she espouses very liberal ideals. She believes in a lot of social programs and she hates the military. She snuggles up to the military now to remove that image of her so when she runs people will have forgotten how she treated the men and women in uniform.

Clinton, who easily won re-election to a second term on Nov. 7, “is reaching out to her colleagues in the New York delegation and asking for their advice and counsel and their support if she decides to make a run,” a top adviser, Howard Wolfson, told The Associated Press. My Way News

I hope they give her the same kind of advice and counsel as she and her donk buddies give President Bush in their advise and consent duties. If so, she will be filibustered to death and never make it to a vote. The point is, she is running just like I said she would. I received a lot of emails over the last year or two from people telling me that they believed her and that I was jumping to conclusions blah, blah. I can read her like the cheap book that she is, and the Big Dog is always right.

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