And Justice For All, The ACLU Way

The ACLU is involved in a matter here in my state, the People’s Republic of Maryland. It seems that some people complained that their children were being harassed because they would not say the pledge of allegiance. The allegations are that educators are involved and if this is the case, it is wrong. The ACLU can not stop other children from saying what they want about it. Kids in school comment about a lot of things their classmates do. The law in Maryland allows time for patriotic display but also allows teachers and students who want to opt out to do so. This is appropriate but why do they not feel the same way about an individual expression such as prayer? When that was involved, no one was allowed to opt in or out because everyone was opted out regardless.

The ACLU also contends that children are harassed for wearing shirts with information critical of the President. The ACLU evidently thinks this violates their little rights. First of all, and let’s make this perfectly clear, those children are expressing their parents views when they wear the shirts. Secondly, has not the ACLU heard that schools can decide what is appropriate to wear inside the school? Children are not allowed to wear clothing depicting drug use. How would the ACLU feel if some racist family let their children wear clothing denigrating certain ethnic groups?

The ACLU involves itself in many things. In this case they are asking that schools make the teachers aware of the policy regarding patriotic display and to some degree this is appropriate, if a problem truly exists. I only wish they were as aggressive when they took prayer away, but then communists do not believe in God. As far as clothing goes, the ACLU is out of bounds on this one. The school board can decide what is appropriate and they do not need the ACLU playing nanny for them.

Read it here at the ACLU web site.

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