And It Wasn’t Halliburton!

A former US official and a contractor have been arrested for a bribery and fraud scheme in the awarding of contracts totaling $13 billion. The contractor, Philip Bloom the owner of a number of construction and services companies, was indicted in the fraud along with Robert Stein, the former comptroller of the Coalition Provisional Authority.

According to affidavits filed in federal court in Washington in support of the arrest warrants, Bloom paid Stein and others hundreds of thousands of dollars in money and gifts so that contracts would be awarded to Bloom and his companies.

The bribes and gratuities paid to Stein included payments for the purchase of automobiles, jewelry and real estate, according to the court documents.

Anyone notice that the favorite target of the left, Halliburton, is not mentioned in this scheme? The cretins who were involved in this, if found guilty, should spend a very long time in jail for making an illegal profit at the expense of the men and women fighting the war. These war profiteers are the lowest form of life and should be treated as such.

Our troops deserve better!

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One Response to “And It Wasn’t Halliburton!”

  1. Rosemary says:

    :nono_tb: This really gets my goat. I don’t care who did it. Hang ’em high. :guns_tb: