An Open Letter To Michael Moore

Dear Mr. Moore,
At a time in our nation’s history when countless numbers of people are homeless and dying as a result of Mother Nature, the last thing we need is an opportunist like you to lie and deceive the American people so that you can push a political agenda like you did after the 9/11 attack on this country.

You wrote your open letter to the President and as usual it was full of misstatements and outright lies. You wonder where all the helicopters are. In case you are unaware, the Guard does not have all the helicopters in the military. A large number of them belong to the active duty. However, to answer your question, according to news reports there were approximately 600 helicopters from all branches assisting in the rescue efforts. I doubt you are aware of it but helicopter rescue is time consuming and dangerous so it takes time to rescue people who, for the most part, are in a predicament because of their own personal choices.

Mr. Moore you ask where the National Guard is and claim they need to be at home to do what they signed up for and that being, according to you and your limited knowledge base, helping at home with natural disasters. Let me educate you. I and my fellow soldiers joined to do a lot of things with natural disaster aid being just one of them. We also joined to serve our country, IN ANY CAPACITY NECESSARY, while maintaining flexibility in our lives all the while realizing that we could be called to active duty. To put to rest another of your misrepresentations, and that being that most of the Guard is in Iraq or otherwise deployed. I know you did not directly say that but your words give that impression. This misdirection is what you are very skilled at and has allowed you to profit obscenely from movies like F9/11. Be that as it may, 66% of the Louisiana National Guard is in Louisiana. The Guard force of that state is about 11,500. According to the DOD and as reported by the media, only 3000 Guard troops from Louisiana are deployed. Therefore there are between 7000-8500 troops (depending upon availability) to respond to this incident. The States of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida have a combined Guard strength of about 31,700 to assist in the disaster. Additionally, other states such as California and Maryland have committed Guardsmen to the effort. So as you can see, your argument is misleading, inappropriate, and designed to make fools believe you.

You make the claim that on Thursday weathermen said the storm was on the way to New Orleans and no one told the President so as not to interrupt his vacation. Once again you bloviate for political reasons with items that are not based in fact. The storm was actually tracked and not given much attention early on and then it was watched more closely. Everyone including the President was made aware of what was going on. The Federal Government is not responsible for evacuation orders of states nor are they responsible for putting a state’s emergency plans into place. Perhaps if you actually cared about accuracy you would ask why the Mayor of New Orleans did not issue an evacuation order until Saturday morning. Perhaps you should concern yourself with why state officials, those who are actually responsible, did not act earlier. Perhaps you would like to explain why you omitted the fact that the President declared a state of emergency on Saturday the 27th, prior to the storm, so that Federal Agencies could begin organizing a response. You neglected to mention these items because you are a partisan hack who likes to stir up ill will with half truths and outright lies. If you had any integrity you would have made the correct observations instead of the deliberately deceitful ones you wrote to the idiots who will believe you.

You then play your favorite weapon, the race card. You say that these people had no way to leave and they were left on their roof tops for 5 days because they were black. You seem to believe that the people who were left there were all unable to leave despite their own assertions that they should have left and that they made a conscious decision to stay. You say this would not have happened if they were white. You seem to forget that when given the chance in one of your earlier race baited musings, you made the claim that tough blacks would have stopped the hijackers of 9/11. Now you assert these though folks are the most needy and being abandoned. You want it both ways when you use race to further divide the country. You even make reference to the high poverty rate as if it is Bush’s fault. I guess you expect us to believe that poverty did not exist there prior to GWB taking office. It did but it took an idiot like you to point it out and make it appear as it were something new.

Mr. Moore, perhaps you would do us all a favor and save your mindless prattle for your weight watchers group therapy sessions and stop trying to further divide this country. You know, this is America and if you think you have all the answers then run for office. If you feel absolutely compelled to comment on this or any other situation then at least have the decency and be man enough to tell the truth. If you do not have the testicular fortitude to do that than just do us all a favor and keep you pie whole shut.

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “An Open Letter To Michael Moore”

  1. Adam says:

    Oh, have you seen F911 yet? Still wondering…

  2. Surfside says:

    In case anyone is naive enough to believe Michael Moore’s blather, it would be impossible to put too many helicopters into the airspace over New Orleans anyway. It would be dangerous for the soldiers and dangerous for those they transported. The real key is to evacuate BEFORE the disaster — hence the word evacuation.

  3. Surfside says:

    One more point of fact, it is within the full powers of state governors to call up their own Guard. Seems Blanco failed to do much more under her specific purview than President Bush did. The Federal government cannot move troops into a state as a security force without the invitation from the governor — unless Martial Law has been declared. And, that action has been much maligned in this country as an extreme act — hence the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 in which Congress took control of such a declaration, except under certain circumstances.

  4. Big Dog says:

    I have not seen the movie. I will not pay any money that will make it to this man. I have however read the book that is supposed to explain the positions. Here is a pointer, if you need to write a book to explain the “facts” in your movie there are few facts. In Moore’s case he might have wanted to make more money by helping the idiots who believe that stuff understand it better.

    It is BULL and if you have any proof as to what he asserts I would love to hear it. I will not entertain your “everybody knows” and other bunk. You need hard facts with numbers. I do not want somebody to say Bush did nothing because he waited 7 minutes to act. The assertion, and what Moore says in the book, is he continued with his photo op. This is speculation on Moore’s part as no one knows what went through his mind. Your hero Kerry sat there for around 40 minutes before he could do anything. Those are from his own recollections but no one says he froze or was shocked.

    Would you not be shocked? Moore tries to justify what he has staged as fact. It is all his opinion and can not be substantiated with hard numbers and facts. In one instance he gives the impression that on inauguration day 2001 thousands pelted Bush’s car with eggs. The only instance you find about it says one egg was thrown at the car and either hit it or almost hit it. Moore gives the impression that thousands hit it. Another fabrication.

    You can believe this if you want. You are after all a college student with a mush brain that is being molded by idiots. I will not allow myself to be influenced by lies like the ones Moore tells. I do not need to see his phony movie to know it is full of lies. I can read the book and read the web site. BTW, I did not pay for the book. If I had to I would not read it either

  5. Big Dog says:

    BTW, I do not need to see his movie to know he is wrong, lying, and misleading about the Guard and Louisiana. I know more about this subject and more about emergency response than this idiot can ever hope to. I ran a company of those helicopters and trained countless medics who ride them. In addition, I teach emergency response in disasters. I have written some of the classes for this, worked with FEMA on the evaluations, and have lectured on the very subject. If you ever want to get Moore around for a debate on the military or emergency response let me know and I will wax his ass in the debate.

    He knows the film industry and how to manipulate the footage to make it look the way he wants but it will be a cold day in hell before he knows more about these subjects than I do and I say he is lying.

    You always want proof and a source. Well in this case I am the source and I am the proof. I am your subject matter expert. He hasn’t a chance when compared to me in this topic.

  6. Adam says:

    I’m not asking for proof and source on this one. I’m just wanting to remind everybody how wrong you are about Moore every time.

    You say Moore “gives the impression” here…and Moore “gives the impression” there, and you are wrong as usual. You took Moore as blaming guns on violence in Bowling, and you haven’t even seen 911. You can’t be trusted to make a judgement on what Moore “gives the impression” of obviously because you just outright hate the man.

    Oh wait, you don’t hate the man, you don’t care one bit about him, not one ounce. Too bad you mention him multiple times a month. That’s not caring at all, is it?

    Reading that book is a load off my mind though because I figured you wouldn’t even go that far. At the end of the day your critique of Moore is about his weight and nothing more. That’s all you got…

    Moore can be accused to making false assertions, and I won’t deny it. You cannot however question the facts in his film because they are rock solid. He is way too much of a target to make a mistake like that. What people accuse him of is misleading people with the facts. This may be true. Even he admits that it is his opinion from looking at the facts. You hold him to some standard he doesn’t even hold himself to, and it’s funny.

  7. Big Dog says:

    No dumb ass, Moore does not get that easy of a pass. You can say he interprets the facts as he sees them. No, he presents items and says they are facts. His stuff is not rock solid and only an idiot thinks that. I am tired of arguing with you about these kinds of things because when a guy like Moore is the subject you defend because he is your buddy, he just interprets the facts as he sees fit. When the President interprets the facts of WMD as he sees it, you call him a liar. You have two sets of standards. Kerry was not a liar or flip flopper, he changed his mind. Bush is a liar. You will never look at things objectively and I doubt you have the ability to in any event.