An Open Letter To Major League Baseball

Dear Major League Baseball,
You are the boys of summer playing a game that takes us back to our youth. You, along with hot dogs and apple pie, are touted as truly American (Chevrolet use to be there but is now only owned by America).

Don’t screw that up.

The state of Arizona passed an immigration law that cracks down on the people who enter this country and live here illegally. This has upset the illegals and a number of organizations who work to help them. It has upset people who are too ignorant to read the law and too uneducated to understand it. They are now pressuring you not to hold the 2011 All Star Game in Phoenix. Like politicians from other states, you should mind your own business.

This is not your fight. You are not a political organization and you should not bow down to those who are pressuring you to abandon plans for the Phoenix event. Would you pull out of San Francisco if those opposed to homosexuality pressured you to do so? Would you pull out of Texas because people opposed to concealed carry laws pressured you?

If your answer is no then you need to reject those demanding that you pull out of Phoenix. It is not your fight and if you bow to the pressure you will be expected to comply when other groups demand you avoid a state based on something that is not liked about it.

You should also remember that about 80% of the population opposes amnesty and wants tougher illegal immigration laws. Many of those 80% support teams by attending games, watching on TV, and buying your merchandise.

If you pull out of Phoenix to appease the pro illegal immigration forces you might very well upset a much larger portion of your supporters and if they turn from you it will be disastrous. It took a long time to get over your strike so don’t misplace the trust people put back in you by pulling out of Phoenix.

The cited article claims that Latinos account for 40% of the players in the baseball system (at all levels). This might very well be true but you should remember that any of those players who happen to be from other countries are here legally. They applied for and received permission to be here. They might have made it faster than those less skilled but they did it the right way. You know very well how tough it can be on a team when players do not have their papers, papers that the government can ask to see at any time, in order.

Don’t screw this up by bowing to the pressure over a political issue. Politics is not your business. In fact, you provide millions of people relief from the stress placed on them by the political process and every day life.

Maintain that position and you will be fine.

Pull out of Phoenix and we might be describing America as FOOTBALL, apple pie and hot dogs…

And you might very well open a Pandora’s Box that costs you dearly.

Big Dog

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13 Responses to “An Open Letter To Major League Baseball”

  1. Blake says:

    Amen to this letter- I concur.

  2. Bunny Colvin says:

    The Arizona Dbags are 11-14 and have given up more runs than any other team in baseball save Pittsburgh. Nobody cares about them anyway. I figured most male nurses weren’t sports fans, and you’re proving my point Dog. Give it up.

    What does an illegal immigrant “look” like, Dog? Or can you only tell by the shoes. Gotta be da shoes.


    • Big Dog says:

      “Most male nurses…” You show your bigotry and bias. First of all, a nurse is a nurse regardless of sex. Would you call a woman doctor your female doctor or your doctor? Would you say you figured most female doctors would not know about some subject based upon the sex?

      You show what the left really is. The record of the D Backs makes no difference to the argument since the facility will be used for the All Star Game. I assume that you know what that is. So maybe you can explain how when I address the All Star game and you say something about the team that plays in the facility where it will be held shows that I know nothing about sports but makes you the sports guru. You are the one who must have no clue.

      Not only am I a sports fan, I have played some of them as well. Might come as a shock to you and your bigoted world view.

      If a vehicle gets pulled over and four people jump out and run there is reasonable suspicion they are here illegally or have some other legal issue that needs to be addressed. Since federal law requires all immigrants who are here legally to carry their documentation (implemented under FDR mind you) and to present it when asked for I would think the Arizona law would be OK with you. It is not about what people look like, that is the liberal bigot in you. It is about behavior, actions, and contact with the law. If the police stop someone who has no ID then it is reasonable to check the immigration database to see if they are legal.

  3. Bunny Colvin says:

    I would venture that most women doctors know as little about baseball as most male nurses. Of course, there are exceptions. And, for your information, most liberals that I know would be repulsed by my suggestion. So, please don’t try to act like it’s a lefty thing. More of your right winger followers would probably agree with me than your liberal leaning readers.

    There are calls to boycott the DBacks NOW as well as the 2011 All Star Weekend. I mistakenly thought that you’d be more concerned with the current boycott than some event 14 months in the future. My bad.

    I don’t support the boycott nor have I ever supported actions against sports franchises based on their owners political leanings. For me, it hits close to home. My favorite baseball team is owned by (r)epuke whackos. One of the owners sons was even involved in the RNC lesbian-bondage club controversy. Big deal. The team fields players and I root for them, not their owners.

    What kind of shoes do illegals wear, Dog?


    • Big Dog says:

      I don’t know, I am not a shoe salesman. Probably running shoes… or maybe loafers.

      The issue involving the boycott of the D Backs affects the team. The movement of the All Star Game involves Major League Baseball. The post is about MLB getting involved in the issue. Hope that clears it up. And the boycott has nothing to do with the political views of the owners, it is an attempt to affect the economic situation in Phoenix. I am going to visit Phoenix this summer just to show support. Probably spend lots and lots of money there.

      Many of the doctors I know are sports fans, men and women alike, and know a lot about the sports they like. This is not a sports blog but I am sure I know as much as you concerning baseball, football, bowling, and horseshoes to name a few and not as much about sports I do not like that you might. I see no correlation between my profession and my knowledge of sports. It is another inane attempt by you to belittle me.

      Won’t work. I don’t care about you or what you think.

    • Big Dog says:

      I doubt the right would agree and you are not the first lefty to try to insult me for being a nurse. The last guy said he would meet me in DC to “discuss” it. I was there, he was not.

  4. Bunny Colvin says:

    That’s actually a pretty funny comeback, Dog. Loafers. Ha! I can give credit where it’s due.

    Have fun in Phoenix this summer. Hope it’s 120 in the shade while you’re there. Anyone with any brains (like me last Feb) goes to Phoenix in the WINTER. Any interest in renting a house in Florida this summer? Beautiful down there in July and August, I assure you.

    There is no way in hell you know more about football and baseball than me. I don’t give a sh!t about bowling. Or hoseshoes.

    No, you are wrong. There have been calls to boycott the DBags based on their owners campaign contributions AND the recent law in Arizona which will identify illegals by their brand of shoe. I don’t agree with boycotting teams for their owners political leanings but I don’t know what illegals “look” like either.

    Who was this guy who didn’t show? What a b!tch.


    • Big Dog says:

      Well I might not know more about who hit what when because I have no desire to commit the stats to memory when I can look them up. As far as playing the game, run for your money (well, a long time ago).

  5. Bunny Colvin says:

    Yeah, have fun in Phoenix this summer. Bring some sunscreen.


  6. Bunny Colvin says:

    Ok. I’d recommend nearby Tempe if you’re looking to unwind. Lotta college girls. Then again, you probably have no game.


  7. Bunny Colvin says:

    Good for you. Leave the college chicks for me and Tiger.