An Act Of War?

There are reports that the missile North Korea fired had a trajectory that would have placed it near Hawaii, had it not failed. There were initial speculations that the missile was intentionally destroyed in flight but reports now indicate that a piece of it fell off after take-off indicating that the launch was actually a failure. If it had not failed it would have landed near Hawaii.

How long will we wait to do something about these kinds of acts? The world is nearly united in its stance against North Korea and with the exception of Russia and China the world wants some kind of harsh economic response in the form of sanctions. We know that North Korea has nuclear weapons and while the left blames Bush for taking its eye off North Korea it would do them well to remember that Bill Clinton gave them everything they needed to produce them. His wink and nod agreement left them open to produce the weapons they promised not to produce. Are we now supposed to believe them if they enter into any agreements?

The problem with the liberals is that they believe if we make nice with evil people they will be nice. We have seen that this tact does not work and despite their protestations, the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein, who was working on nuclear weapons production. Iran now has the capability to make nuclear weapons and North Korea actually has them. The Axis of Evil was just that and they have done nothing to show that George Bush was wrong when he labeled them in this manner. The threat from North Korea is uncertain but how will we know when a missile aimed at the US has a nuclear warhead attached to it? We will know when it lands.

The time for diplomacy is now and the window of opportunity is short. The world must unite to stop North Korea immediately or we must send our fighters in to take out all missile launching pads in North Korea. This act will be seen by many as a provocative act but the provocative act was launching a missile aimed at the US. In addition, we should consider arming Japan with whatever they need to strike at North Korea should Kim Jong Il decide to attack that country.

Once again the world is in crisis because of the policies of Bill Clinton. He enabled bin Laden to attack us by showing cowardice in the face of danger in Somalia and he allowed North Korea to produce nuclear weapons unabated. In addition, he sold our missile technology to the Chinese for campaign contributions. This is the very same China that does not want to condemn North Korea. Can you blame them? The missiles are pointed at us, not them so why should they care? They are happy to see America have to struggle with North Korea while engaged in the war on terror in Iraq.

We need to establish our superiority. Israel did it right by going on an immediate offensive surge when their soldier was kidnapped. We should be no less brazen in our response to the threat posed to our country by North Korea. We need to be brutal, swift, and decisive and the rest of the world be damned.

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One Response to “An Act Of War?”

  1. Bosun says:

    Perhaps it is time to light them up.

    Democratic People’s Republic of (North) Korea (DPRK) development of the Taep’o-dong 2 is estimated to have begun at the same time as the Taep’o-dong 1, in 1990. The Taep’o-dong 2 missile is a 2-stage liquid, possible 3-stage, with a range of 6,000-9,000 km.

    Along with DPRK, Pakistan and Iran have jointly worked on similar missile projects with DPRK. The Iranian Shahab-5/Shahab 6 is similar in technology and in design to the Taep’o-dong 2. Source: Missile Threat.Com – Taep’o-dong 2
    ( )

    However, DPRK successfully fire several non-guided, medium-range Scud-style missiles which apparently landed in the Sea of Japan and has cause a furor with the United States’ Asian ally, Japan not to mention South Korea, who is completely within th medium range missile envelop. These were downplayed in the media as “scud type missiles” with little other information.

    It is unsure if the medium – range Scud -style missiles were Taep’o-dong 1 (Daep’o-dong 1, Nodong 2, Scud X, Scud Mod. E, Rodong 2) or perhaps another advanced version of the same. The Taep’o-dong 1 is a medium-range, liquid and solid propellant, single warhead ballistic missile.

    ( )

    The Taep’o-Dong 1 is said to be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead to a maximum range of 2,000 km (1,243 miles). The Taep’o-dong 1 program has been in development since 1990 and with advance testing throughout the Clinton administration.

    Perhaps Wesley Clark, Madeline Albright, and others in the deposed Clinton administration could enlighten the American public on the DPRK programs developed during their reign. DPRK’s successfully first test launched the Taep’o-dong 1 in 1998, which caused an outrage in Japan. Throughout the Clinton Presidential years (January 1993 – January 2001), North Korea succeeded in developing its “Nodong” missile and nuclear programs. By 1998 DPRK’s “Nodong” missile had a range estimated at up to 900 miles and was capable of covering South Korea and most of Japan.

    Lets not forget our globe trotting peacenix, Jimmy Carter. All of the appeasement and apologist agreements that former President Jimmy Carter made with DPRK was for naught.

    One cannot completely blame only Clinton or Carter for their appeasement and apologist attitudes and policies regarding DPRK. It (mismanagement and miscalculation) has occurred on every American Presidents’ watch for the past 30 years. America’s mainstream media has short term memory and appears to not recall or care about reporting the significance of DPRK’s missile tests. One has to wonder what foreign representatives were present to observe the test firing or who DPRK is planning to sell its advanced technology to.

    So, for the past 30 years as the world has sat idly by, DPRK has pursued development of an ever expanding ballistic missile development program devoted to its development of a nuclear weapon delivery capability.

    Links for more information on DPRK Missile Technology:

    Missilethreat.Com – News Archive North Korea
    ( )

    FAS – Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) DPRK – Iranian Shahab – 3 Technology

    FAS – Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) DPRK – Iranian Shahab – 6 Technology

    Janes: Iran moves its Shahab 3 units

    History of Ballistic Missile Development in the DPRK