Americans are in Great Financial Shape

The first fund raising reports are in for the overly extended presidential campaign and Hillary Clinton has a slight lead over her nearest rival though you would not know it from the press reports. Clinton raised 26 million dollars and that total was bumped up to 36 million when she added her own Senate money into the mix. Barack Obama raised 22 million dollars but you would never know he was that close by all the America loves Hillary reports that are out there.

One thing the candidates try to do is downplay any ideas that their money came from rich people. They show all these reports and make a big deal about how many 100 dollar grass roots money they get but the fact is they get money from fund raisers where people pay thousands of dollars to get in. But since the candidates want to stress just how much money they have received from Joe Six Pack I thought it would be a good idea to examine what this means.

If record numbers of average, that is middle class, people are giving loads of money then we are in really good shape in this country. If Americans can give 48 million dollars in a three month period then there are really no problems with the economy and a lot of people are working (which has been the case all along). Since this is true we do not need the Democrats trying to enact more entitlement programs and we do not need to raise taxes. The country is doing well as evidenced by the huge sums of money people are throwing at political candidates. When all the candidate’s numbers are totaled the figure will be huge and provide even more evidence that Americans are doing well.

Every time we have an election there are untold millions of dollars spent so that some jackass can get a few more years in office and live a lucrative life thereafter. Meanwhile, these very same jackasses run around telling us how terrible the poor are doing and that we need to have more programs. I think that we should make people spend their own money to run for office and use the donations to pay for social programs. Let’s see how many people pony up then. Until that time, I do not want to hear any more whining about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and how we need to provide more government services.

Remember, Hillary might have set a record for amount of money raised in a quarter by a Democrat but she has name recognition and the former pervert in chief to help raise money. Obama is the new kid in town and he is not that far behind and that has to give Hillary nightmares. Perhaps that is why she added the extra 10 million, so it would look even bigger. She was probably worried that Obama would raise more than she so she added the extra money as a buffer. I can’t figure out if that ploy was designed to psyche out her opponents or to psyche her into feeling better about herself.

I truly hope she does not win the primary so we can be rid of her and that pervert to whom she is married. Plus, it would be fun to watch the mental meltdown.


Big Dog

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