Americans Are Entitled To Answers Mrs. Clinton

Hillary Clinton once said this after being accused of trying to divide America when she waved a newspaper with the words “Bush Knew” displayed:

“We have a responsibility to ask for information, and I think that is not only appropriate but necessary. You know, nobody is more entitled to answers to these questions than the people of New York, and I take that responsibility very seriously.” CNN

Imagine how torqued Clinton would have been had Bush asked; what difference does it make?

Clinton was all about the responsibility she had to ask questions when she could attack the sitting president for political purposes but she is more than a little reluctant to give any information regarding the attacks in Benghazi that left Americans dead.

A recently released report shows that Clinton lied to Congress about certain things that took place and the report shows that the White House was involved in coordinating the response over the issue (and lied about it).

Obama and Clinton were negligent in their duties and the result was dead Americans. We cannot get straight answers and the matter seems to be of little importance to Clinton or Obama.

I have said it before; these people do not care about American lives. They only care about pushing their radical socialist agenda and turning America into a third world nation.

They look at dead Americans in Benghazi as an inconvenience and dead children in Newtown as political pawns to be used to push an anti gun agenda.

They are despicable people who should be in jail.

So Mrs. Clinton, Congress has a responsibility to ask for information and the American people, and most certainly the families of those slain in Benghazi, deserve answers, HONEST ANSWERS, to those questions.

Don’t think we will forget about this when you take your next run for the Oval Office.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog



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