Americans And Wire Tapping

News Max has conducted a poll and here are the results (from a News Max email):

Here is a breakdown of the poll results for several key questions:

1) Has President Bush been justified in tapping the conversation of U.S. citizens?
Justified – 80%
Not Justified – 20%

2) Do you believe the President must have a court-approved warrant to conduct a wiretap?
Yes – 23%
No – 72%
Not Sure – 5%

3) Do you believe President Bush’s claim that he undertook this action to protect America?
Yes – 83%
No – 17%

4) How would you rate media coverage about President Bush’s actions?
Fair – 20%
Unfair – 80%

Seems most Americans have a better grasp on the law and National Security than our liberal friends.

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One Response to “Americans And Wire Tapping”

  1. John K. says:

    How many Democrats are asking for the abolition of the NSA program? I would love to see that in a House vote. They all want to complain about it, impeach the Prez, etc…but who will actually go on record to say, we should not have it. Who is that brazen to openly root for the terrorists? Liberals = cowardly hypocrisy with a dose of anti-Americanism and a pinch of atheism. Stirred well.