American Insurgents

Anyone who read my previous post knows that some bad things are going on around the country in regard to this election. These, though dismissed as such by the donks, are not isolated incidents. They are becoming more prevalent each day. The democratic party and the mindless drones who follow the lies of John Kerry are causing troubles that a free country should not endure.
When we watch the evening news each night and hear about small groups of people using violence and intimidation to disrupt elections our minds immediately think of Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, we can now add America to the list of countries these actions bring to mind. America, where citizens are suppose to be free to vote however they wish is now under siege by a group of insurgents known as the democratic party. We are reading about these almost daily occurrences and they are being done by democrats. The AFL-CIO, another radical organization known for its gentle methods of persuasion, is behind some of this. I guess they figure they can strong arm people to vote for Kerry or stay away from the polls much like they strong arm companies to become unionized or people to join their union.
This is a sad time in our history when the thugs who run the AFL-CIO can organize Kerry supporters, already disillusioned by his impending defeat, to harass their fellow Americans in much the same way the lawless thugs in Iraq and Afghanistan do.
What is even more distressing is that the media, or should I say the media wing of the democratic party, has not covered this in much detail. The tragedies in Iraq are all over the news, as they should be, but where is the coverage of the insurgency right here at home? I know that if this were reversed and the democrats were being targeted by republicans the media would have special news bulletins depicting these horrible crimes and attempts at voter influence. Where are those same people who believed police cars were harassment? Where are they now that real harassment is taking place? They are sitting behind their desks and gleefully watching their party commit crimes. They are wondering why it took so long for the insurgents to rise up against the Bush regime. Yes, Michael Moore, the man who said there was no terrorism, has called for a regime change in America. I guess the media, if they ever get off their duffs, will overlook him as part of the cause. They will draw no connection between him and others like him who place the idea of violence in the subliminal of the sheep who blindly follow them.
To the media, Michael Moore, and the rest of the democratic insurgents, we will not be intimidated. We will get out and vote if we have to crawl to the polling places. We will cast our ballots for George Bush and beat back the tide if violence and divisiveness espoused and encouraged by Kerry and his minions.

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