American Freedom Festival

On November 10th the 4th annual American Freedom Festival will return to Washington DC (Dar Constitution Hall). The event is sponsored by the American Freedom Foundation which is a 501(c)3 public benefit corporation and was organized to honor veterans on America’s armed forces and to raise money and awareness for various veteran’s organizations. Special emphasis is directed to welfare and educations issues facing our vets who have been wounded in action.

This year Martina McBride and Darryl Worley are scheduled to perform. You can purchase tickets through Ticketmaster which you can do right at their site. If you are going to be in or near our nation’s Capitol on November 10th why not spend the evening paying tribute to our troops and listening to great music? Is there any better way to celebrate Veteran’s Day than by honoring our troops?

The web site is located here.

Big Dog salute to CZ. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!!

Big Dog

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