America, Love It or Leave It

I received some comments on a post at tryontheglasses after I said that Michael Moore’s behavior was narcissistic. I was accused of having the same trait. I’ll admit to being egotistic at times but I am by no means narcissistic.
I responded that I did not have a love for myself, that I have a love for my country and am willing to give my life in its defense. I asked if the commenter or the subject (Moore) were willing to do the same.

This was the reply:

No, I don’t have an excessive love for my country. I have an excessive love for human beings. I can’t love my country as long as it treats my fellow human beings the way it does.

I remember posting a while ago that I wondered why I posted at the author’s site to which I was told that if it bothered me, don’t visit it.

I have the same advice. If you do not love your country then get the hell out. This country is the greatest in the world and many people die trying to get here for the freedoms we enjoy. The idea of not loving your country, despite any failings it might have, is absolute hypocracy. If you love the freedoms and the opportunities then you should love the country. If you do not love this country then stop sponging off it, get off the teet, and move to another country where you can enjoy the love of humans seen in these wonderful places. Perhaps North Korea, North Vietnam, or Siberia Russia would be more to your liking. You could go to One of the Arab worlds where they love humans so much they treat women like property, something less than human. Maybe you could tell them how much you dislike their behavior and then have your head lopped off.

This is America and if you do not like it here, let me know and I will buy you a one way ticket out. All you have to do is denounce your citizenship and sign legal documents stating you will never, ever return.

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20 Responses to “America, Love It or Leave It”

  1. Adam says:

    Oh, so I shouldn’t stay and fight to remove people like you from office? I’m sure you’d rather me leave but instead I’m going to stay and work to make this nation something I can love. Excuse me for not loving this nation which has brutal capitalism which gives the richest everything and the poor nothing all the while saying, “The oppurtunity is there!” denying racial discrimination, gender discrimination, and class discrimination. I’m sorry I don’t love that, but I’m not leaving. That would be too easy on you and your conservative portion of the nation.

  2. -S- says:

    Adam: so, you’re committed to staying and yet you don’t love the nation. Plan on “fighting” to actually prove just how much you don’t love the place. It’s that very sentiment that results in others suggesting you leave — not that you, if you’re a citizen, don’t have as much right to be here as any other citizen, just that, to those who reason that a person is self made, there are two general options to respond to those who opine as you do: (1.) advise that you reposition yourself in some other location, any other location, that better suits your needs; or, (2.) ask you to stay and accept responsibility for your own happiness or lack thereof, without demanding that ‘the state’ do it for you or that it be done for the rest of us even when we don’t want it/whatever be done to us.

    You see, you just described right there what socialism is: you conclude that because there is suffering in the nation (hint, it’s also worldwide), that it can be resolved by some as yet undefined “nation” that will solve that suffering. The rest of us ask, “but, how?”

    You conclude and assume that to alleviate suffering, it’s a simple matter of removing others “from office” and therefore that there’s a government-as-savior that exists if you only can.

    That’s the very thinking that creates greater problems because, eventually, the or any government runs out of those to service it, just like a pyramid scheme. The U.S. already helps to fund most of the larger social governments and cultures in Europe by trade imbalances, and yet their citizens never seem to be in touch with how and where those social helps arrive, and blame the very culture that exists through capitalism that allows theirs to be what it is.

    As you also suggest. If you dislike the United States to such a degree that even the very economic process that created it and now continues it, capitalism with the rights of the individual to determine their own fate, for worse or better, then you are, indeed, in the wrong country. What you suggest is that you dislike the place so you’ll stay and work to change it into something you do like, which is a different country.

    You can’t change “discrimination” by government. You can’t legislate morality. That’s socialism that does that, and/or communism and fascism, but it isn’t a democracy. Democracies can be raw, yes, but the decision as to how to behave rests with the individual, not the ‘government’ as per a socialist’s mecca dream to the contrary, where citizens are compelled to think, not think, feel, not feel, discriminate, not discriminate. The state is not the solution to your social ills and dislikes of and about your fellow man.

  3. Adam says:

    Well, I disagree. I believe it should be the job of the government to provide for us. Just because the Republicans are in charge who don’t believe that doesn’t mean I should find a new nation. Get real. I’m far from alone in this thinking and I will stay in America and work to make legislation to fits my thinking. That is what America is about, not love of the nation no matter what. You could say the same about M.L.K. He better than anyone knew the problems of capitalism and the problems of the social structure in America. You would tell him to find a new country? There is a quote I like to use lately and I’m sure you’ve seen it already.

    “‘My country right or wrong’ is Nazism.”

  4. Big Dog says:

    This country is not Nazism. We, as a people, are free to choose and to live our lives. You suggest that the country is in a state where the government has total control over our lives. You advocate a society where wealth is reapportioned so that those who work pay for those who do not.
    It is not the role of the government to live our lives for us. This government has pushed an ownership society but people like you sit around doing the first digit rectal interface waiting for the government to step in and give you things. You have to EARN things in this life. Perhaps mommy and daddy did not teach you that and I know for sure that college you are in did not but the truth is you have to make your own way in life.
    The rich in this country pay more than anyone else. The government did not and does not help these people. They worked for what they have and did not wait for a government hand out.
    You might not be alone but you are in a serious minority. A real man is not satisfied having everything handed to him. He takes pride in earning his way through life and in providing for his family. Only the sad and pathetic stand in line waiting for a hand out from big brother.
    If you want to live in your idea of a world I suggest you join the military. Everyone is treated the same regardless of color, creed, wealth, background, or intelligence. They give you 3 meals a day and they give you clothes to wear. They also give you a place to hang those clothes and to sleep. It is equipped with a washer and dryer that you do not have to pay for and they give you a paycheck on top of it all. So I suggest you run right down to the recruiter and tell him you are interested in joining the service so you can live in your own Garden of Eden.

  5. Adam says:

    Sorry if it was unclear. The quote isn’t saying America is a Nazi government. It means that if you go along with your nation even if it does something wrong, you might as well have a Nazi government. The founders knew it was important to challenge corruption in the nation. It may not seem like corruption to me, but that’s all I see.

    Save that one way ticket for me though. If this nation ever needs a draft again then I may just ride on out. I’d go to jail though before I fought for this nation in war. I know you hate that because you believe in militarism as the reason for our freedom, but that is not how I believe.

  6. Adam says:

    “It may not seem like corruption to me, but that’s all I see.”

    I meant “It may not seem like curruption to you, but that’s all I see.”

  7. Big Dog says:

    There will not be a draft. We don’t want the riff raff we’d have to put up with.
    I will not buy the ticket to help you avoid service. That would be aiding and abeting a criminal. If I wanted to do that I would have joined the Clinton administration.
    We had to fight for our freedom. Read a real history book and you will see that.
    Don’t worry though, there are plenty of warriors to protect you.

  8. EGO says:

    I would be happy to switch places with a leftist American. He or she could come to the socialist “paradise” of Sweden, and I could go to THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. To say it frankly, I wouldn’t mind going to Canada myself if that could lead to my retu…

  9. John says:

    You buy me a one-way ticket to Canada and I will happily leave this country and never return.

  10. ZuDfunck says:

    Big Dog Will Pay to Remove You From the USA!
    From Moving To Canada, eh ? ‘In a typically selfless gesture a great and generous American has offered to pay the way for all Americans seeking to leave their homeland! Just contact Big Dog and tell him you don’t

  11. ZuDfunck says:

    Big Dog Will Pay to Remove You From the USA!
    From Moving To Canada, eh ? ‘In a typically selfless gesture a great and generous American has offered to pay the way for all Americans seeking to leave their homeland! Just contact Big Dog and tell him you don’t

  12. Is this for real? I don’t want to live in America and would gladly renounce all citizenship and promise never to come back to the land of Christians and capitalists if I could get a one-way ticket to Amsterdam.

    The only troops I support are the ones who refuse to go to war. They only joined the armed forces because they couldn’t afford college anyways. , let’s talk plane fares please!!!

  13. T says:

    I think this crap….I am bilingual, learning a third language, with strong computer skills and can’t find a job….I’ll applied at restuarants (for server), data entry, AAs, web development, with no avail….No I’m not some crazed felon….It sucks to think I could send my resume out ALL the time and get nothing….I’m honestly tired of the bullshit and dream of a great life in Europe. Stay in school….Education pays….That’s bullshit….I could’ve dropped out in the seventh grade to do what I do…..Save me a plane ticket.

  14. Brian Boyko says:

    Mid-October 2005, I plan to move to New Zealand, never to return to the United States.

    If you’re willing to pay the plane ticket, I’ll be happy to sign papers saying that I do not plan to return to the United States unless legally obligated to do so.

  15. knatty says:

    Hello, I will be turning eighteen in a few months and was considering going to canada,permanently. The fact remains america sucks, and is to strict.You pay the ticket and Ill be happy to sighn legal,etc.

    – knatty

  16. Tristan says:

    Hey, one more person wants a ticket out of this hell-hole called America. Send me a plane ticket.

  17. Molly says:

    Will you also pay for my husband and two children? The idea of raising my children in this country is starting to make me feel like a negligent mother. If it were just me, I’d stay and fight to make this country a better place, but I don’t know if I can justify sacrificing my children on the altar of greed just to satisfy my idealistic dream of making this country a better place.

  18. Garrett says:

    Is it true you will help buy me a one way ticket out of here??? If so please feel obliged. Visit my website and help me leave!!!

  19. Josh says:

    Just one question:
    Where do I contact you for the ticket and papers?

  20. Cao's Blog says:

    if the whiners want to leave, let’s help…

    Liberals of America, unite! Leave this horrid and wicked and irredeemable backwater! Why not create a workers’ paradise off the shores of France? You can all speak French, allow Janet Jackson to show both her breasts, create a cradle-to-grave wel…