America is in a Civil War, Right Here at Home!

No, not in Iraq but thanks to Iraq we now know that we are in a civil war. On the Today Show Matt Lauer said that after careful consideration (as if the MSM actually does that) a name change was needed and that they would now classify Iraq as in a civil war. I do not know what criteria they used to make that determination but there were several offered in the story.

There are different criteria for defining a civil war. Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines it simply as “war between geographical sections or political factions of the same nation.” Some political scientists use a threshold of 1,000 dead, which the current conflict has long since passed.

We are in a civil war here in America and we did not know it. Matter of fact, we are in several. The Bloods and the Crips are two rival gangs that fight over turf (geographical sections) and they are both in this nation. They have damn sure killed more than 1000 of each other’s members. There are also many other gangs here like MS 13 which is fighting with the other gangs. In the mid 1990s there were about 650,000 gang members in this country so we have been in a civil war for a long time.

The US also has two other warring factions that are fighting for turf. They are the Democrats and the Republicans. Notice that the definitions above are mutually exclusive. They are two different definitions so there does not have to be death by the first description. Democrats and republicans are constantly fighting for turf. We even call the places they compete battleground states. They draw up this big tactical map with red and blue all over it and they use strategy to see how to win more turf. Yep, we are in a civil war.

Now, if they could get the idiots in the MSM to stop making things up and start reporting the truth then we might get somewhere. NBC is still outback exploding trucks to show how dangerous they really are so they might be too busy to actually do things right. It should not surprise us that they have started this just before their butt buddies in the Democratic Party take charge and demand that we cut and run. NBC is trying to soften the blow so it will be easier for America to take. By January they will have said civil war so many times that the mindless idiots who watch them will believe it and be demanding that we bring our troops home.

Here is the definition that we use to define a civil war. You will notice that Iraq does not meet the criteria:

There are more conservative definitions. The Web site, which provides information on defense issues, said five criteria must be met: the contestants must control territory, have a functioning government, enjoy some foreign recognition, have identifiable regular armed forces and engage in major military operations.

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3 Responses to “America is in a Civil War, Right Here at Home!”

  1. chrys says:

    It’s nice to see someone post about OUR Civil War. Thanks.

  2. Jo says:

    Great post … I hadn’t thought about it much, but you put it in words even a lib could understand ;)

  3. Jo's Cafe says:

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