Amazing How Some People Embrace the Party Line

I was away on business for a week. I spent time in Kansas City Missouri and I must say that it is a nice place. I also saw a lot of W-04 bumper stickers, oh yeah, Missouri is a RED state. Strange thing though, the people I met seemed to be professionals, not at all like what the blue staters would have you believe a red stater should look and act like.

Any way, I checked over at Lost Adam’s place and he was up to his usual Noonan bashing (Mark Noonan at Blogs for Bush). Noonan made this comment in a post at B4B:

“When GOPers talk about abolishing the Death Tax, we’re talking about a specific policy proposal designed to help average Americans…”

The response from Adam is right in line with the donk talking points and shows that some people will believe what they are spoon fed. People who believe the government should provide for them will believe anything that those who make the promises say. The unfortunate part is that people who think the government should pay for everything do not realize that the government does not pay for ANYTHING. The U.S. tax payer foots the bill. It is a matter of property redistribution. The government acts as a middle man by taking what you have and then spending it on something someone else wants. In addition, this kind of system allows the government to spend it on things the other people believe they are entitled to such as abortions. The people paying the bills might not want their money to go for that but it does not matter, as long as those deemed so entitled get what they are unwilling to earn on their own.

I will try to address each of the comments Adam made.

This is absolutely hilarious to me. I can form a quick list right off the top of my head that are big issues for the GOP.

When GOPers talk about partial-birth abortion, they are talking about late term abortions, which in no way involves birth…

I am sure that Adam is not a medical professional so when you take advice from him do not take it seriously. In the first place a late term pregnancy stands the greatest chance to live or is what we call viable outside the womb. This is the definition of partial-birth abortion from Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary:

an abortion in the second or third trimester of pregnancy in which the death of the fetus is induced after it has passed part way through the birth canal

In addition, the bill President Bush signed contains this language:

The bill bans “partial-birth abortion,” and it legally defines a partial-birth abortion as any abortion in which the baby is delivered “past the [baby’s] navel . . . Outside the body of the mother,” OR “in the case of head-first presentation, the entire fetal head is outside the body of the mother,” BEFORE being killed.

I am not a doctor. I am however, a registered nurse. The definitions above should make, even to those without an education in medicine, aware that partial-birth abortion involves being partially born.

When GOPers talk about the 2nd amendment right to bear arms, they are talking about the right of a state militia to be armed…

This is the Second Amendment. I copied it right from my pocket copy of the Constitution of the United States (everyone should have one).

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

For the uneducated, uninformed, or mislead, this means that only the militia may keep and bear arms. Those who actually read this will see that there are two separate and independent clauses here. The first clause is “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State.” This could be reworded to read “A well regulated militia is necessary for the security of a free State.” The second independent clause is :The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Notice that this clause does not state the right of the Militia. It also does not state that the people are given the right by the Amendment. It is clear that “The right” already exists and that this Amendment makes it clear that the right will not be infringed upon. This was, and is, necessary. The militia comes from the males in our society and the founding fathers realized that they were the ones who would have to take up arms in the event of an emergency. The Amendment simply states that since we need to be able to form a militia for our security the right to keep and bear arms will not be infringed upon. I think it is pretty clear. I will say that if we take it Adam’s way then the country is not following it in that regard either. This is because the militia, as defined in Title 10 United States Code, Section 311, is all men ages 17-45. Therefore, these men should be keeping and bearing arms.

When GOPers talk about vouchers, they are talking about giving money to private religious schools to take kids out of public secular schools and further divide the nation between the godly and the ungodly…

The GOP actually intends to give vouchers to parents, not religious schools, so they can decide where to send their children. This includes sending them to non-religious schools as well. The public school system is not as successful as private schools, in large part, because of the teacher’s union. DC spends about $10,000 a year per child in the public school system and they are a huge failure. On the other hand, private schools in the DC area spend about $3500 a year per child and have much better success. Something is wrong with the public system and throwing money at it will not help. The GOP wants to give lower income families the option of sending their children to private schools. They want the lower income people to have the same options that the higher income folks have. Clinton’s kid-private school, Gore’s kids-private school, Kerry’s kids-private school, Edwards’s kids-private school. Perhaps the donks don’t want the children of lower income families to get the same breaks because they are afraid of losing their constituency.

When the GOPers talk about banning assisted suicide, they are talking about taking away an American’s right to release themselves with some dignity from the grips of terminal illness…

Suicide, assisted or otherwise, is a crime. This is not just a crime because some religions say it is, it is a crime based on the law of the land. Assisting someone in committing suicide makes one complacent in the breaking of the law. Naturally, people who are successful are not prosecuted. Those who attempt it are usually considered in need of mental health assistance. I am pretty sure I have seen a hell of a lot more people die than Adam has. I know it is not the best of times and in some instances it can be horrific. A lot of times pain is controlled and the person can die with dignity. Suicide is not death with dignity. Kind of strange the left is upset the GOP wants to enforce the law??

When GOPers talk about the environment being a responsibility issue and not a regulatory one, they are talking about letting corporations pollute all they want and not be regulated…

The environment is an issue of responsibility. We need some laws to keep people from over polluting. Politicians from both sides of the aisle are not immune to allowing companies from their states pollute. Clinton had Tyson’s dumping chicken parts in the Arkansas River. Gore’s family farm had an area where they dumped all kinds of stuff. Living things generate waste. Just about any process generates waste. We need smart ideas on how to handle the waste. What we do not need is one party acting like it has members who are not part of the problem. By the way, Mt. Saint Helen’s probably caused more pollution than most other industries in the country and she only had a few months in which to surpass everyone else. Maybe the donks can start backing cement trucks up there and cap her off.

When GOPers talk about privatizing [anything], they are talking about taking it out of the hands of the public and putting it into the hands of private corporations that don’t give a damn about the American public…

I think he means taking it from the government and putting it in the private sector. If something is in the public sector (as he argues) then I agree the government should leave it alone. Health care is in the public sector. Hillary Clinton tried to take it over and regulate it when she was the co-president. John Kerry wanted to take it over and provide health care for all. These are the kinds of things Adam argues the GOP wants to do but the very same things he espouses to when he supports those people. What the GOP wants to do is take some things the government runs and make them, or part of them, private. Take Social Security. It is a crime that people in this country are robbed of their money as a mandatory retirement. It is more of a crime that the money is immediately spent on those drawing from the system right now. In other words, we are not saving our money, it is being taken to pay other people’s benefits. We should have choices in how our money is invested and it should not be used as a bank account for politicians to keep poking into and leaving IOUs. I believe that a portion of the money taken should continue to fund Social Security so those on it continue to get paid. We should be allowed to take the balance and invest it as we see fit. After all, it is for OUR retirement. Most workers in this country could amass much more wealth and live a good life in retirement. When we get to the point that we are no longer paying other people’s benefits we could knock down the amount that goes to that fund. This way there would still be money for the unfortunates who are unable to work or save. Perhaps the left opposes because it might make more people who are less dependent on the government. It would also mean that eventually that big corporation known as the Social Security Administration would be downsized and mostly unnecessary. Oops, now we ticked of the federal employees, another large base for the donks. Most things should be privatized. Name one thing the government has ever run that made money. The Post Office used to but is no longer profitable. Perhaps that should be privatized too. The government is a consumer, not a producer. It consumes the tax payer’s money. About the only thing it produces is social programs to appease its constituents.

The thing about the left is that they speak from a sheet of talking points. They do not think things through or attempt to validate what is being spoon fed to them. They know that they are right and everyone else is too stupid to understand. Guys like Adam will tell you that republicans got more votes because the donks did not make their positions clear. I think they made all their positions very clear. That, of course, is exactly WHY the republicans got more votes.

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