Amateur Hour At The White House

First Barack Obama makes an unwise comment about a red line and now John Kerry has given a deadline. Both of these deeds have come back to bite America in the behind.

I know that Barack Obama said he did not lay out the red line but he did. It is he who is saying it and there is no doubt about what he meant when he did. All of his claims to the contrary are designed to help him save face because he is trying to put the blame on someone else. He put it on Congress and he put it on the international community (which refuses to back him) but the reality is that Obama opened his mouth and inserted his foot.

He claims the onus is on the international community because of the Chemical Weapons Convention but the reality is that Syria never signed that treaty. How can that country be held to a treaty it did not sign?

The other aspect of this is that Syria’s use of nerve agent had no impact on the US. That country did not attack us, it did not attack our territories and it did not attack our troops. It attacked its own people (and there is doubt as to who actually attacked, the government or the rebels).

This is Syria’s civil war and we do not belong in it.

But Obama and his Democrats are banging the war drums. John Kerry, who protested the war in Vietnam, is working hard to convince people that the US needs to attack Syria. The Democrats who were anti war when Bush was president are largely silent over the rumblings of war coming from their Nobel Peace Prize receiving president.

It is amateur hour at the White House. Obama made the first mistake by laying out the red line and now John Kerry has shot himself in the foot by opening his mouth.

Kerry said that Syria could avoid an attack by turning its chemical weapons over to the international community (where they would be inventoried and destroyed). Kerry, like Obama, miscalculated. Obama figured if he set the red line that Syria would not use chemical weapons. Someone did and it was either the government spitting in Obama’s face or the rebels using Obama’s declaration to draw the US into the conflict and help them beat Assad.

Kerry figured Syria would not turn over its chemical stockpile. Not so fast. Russian President Vladmir Putin told Syria to take Kerry up on his offer and Syria is considering it.

It is unlikely that the chemical weapons will be turned over BUT the gaffe by Kerry gives that country time. Syria can say it will turn over the stockpile and then the UN will get involved and there will be inspectors. It will take months, if not years, to sort things out.

John Kerry opened his big mouth and gave Syria a get out of being bombed free card.

It is not bad when one considers we should not be bombing Syria over its use of chemical weapons when we were not attacked in any way but the entire episode shows the Obama regime to be a bunch of amateurs who are piss poor at diplomacy.

Obama opened his mouth resulting in talks of bombing Syria for the sole purpose of saving face for the resident and Kerry has now thrown a monkey wrench into the Obama war machine by giving Syria a way out.

A way out that was recognized by Putin who took advantage of the rookies in the White House.

The world is laughing at us and our man child resident who is demonstrating that he was not prepared for the job and has not learned anything in the five years he has held it.

The bad guys in the world will be emboldened.

But not until after they stop laughing.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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