Allow Me To Clarify Hillary’s Position

Hillary Rodham is catching some heat for her positions on the recent war funding bill. Hillary voted on a cloture motion to cut off funding for the war. Yesterday she stated that she voted for that to allow discussion but that she did not know if she would vote for the actual bill to cut off funding. Then she indicated that she would vote for it. Her opponents have seized on this and indicated that there is no time to conduct a poll before acting. Many of have known for years that both politicians in that household are poll watchers. They do not take their own decisions, they use polls to govern and that is not leadership. In any event, Ms. Rodham has had a day to think of a way out and she has decided that she would vote for the bill to cut off funding for the war. This is how the woman who wants to be Commander in Chief treats the troops, she cuts off their money and leaves them out to dry. Hillary is in an awful position because she voted for the war and now she has to try to appeal to a radical anti American base. This is making her flip around even more than usual so let me give a few of her statements and then let me comment:

  1. “I’m not going to speculate what I’ll be voting on in the future,”
  2. This is rather convenient. She certainly does not mind speculating what she will be voting on any other time. She has no problem telling people how she will vote on other future issues. When she is trying to score points she can stump with the best screaming about what she would and would not vote for. When she is conflicted and trying to hide her true self she does not want to speculate. Right here on her website she speculates about how she will be voting in the future. Amazing how she did that.

  3. Knowing they had to try to quash a potential controversy, Clinton’s aides made her available to reporters to try to explain she was “misunderstood,” and clarify that she would have voted for the bill to cut off funding, if she had the chance.

    “I support the underlying bill,” Clinton said, “I mean, that’s what this vote on cloture was all about.”

  4. Doesn’t this negate item number 1? Hillary did not want to speculate on how she would vote in the future but here she is saying that she supports the bill and that she would vote for it which is speculating on how she will vote.

  5. “What we’re doing is trying to convey as strongly as we can the feelings that many of us have about the need to change course — some take a different course than others and to send a message to the Iraqis. I think we’re doing that, slowly but surely,” said Clinton.
  6. Nothing to see here, move along. I am saying a bunch of garbled stuff that makes no sense so that you will be pleased with my genius and let me be. Move along, George Bush is evil and he started it, never mind my vote I am going to fix it when I get elected president (speculating?)

In more Hillary Rodham news, porn star Jenna Jameson likes Hillary and she particularly likes when Democrats are in the White House because it is much better for the porn industry. She loved when Bill Clinton was in office because things were so much easier in the porn industry. Clinton liked it too because it was so much easier for him to star in amateur porn in the Oval Office.

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