All The News Fit To Invent

It is no secret that the Democrat controlled media are biased. They carry the water for the Democrats and their messiah Barack Obama and will do anything to make him look good and to keep him in power. It is in their nature because they have long since abandoned journalism and have become cheerleaders of the left.

When Barack Obama was immaculated Rush Limbaugh declared that he hoped Obama failed and by that he meant that he knew what Obama wanted to do to (not for) America and he hoped Obama failed at it. Rush was right about what Obama wanted to do though whether he was a failure or not (at doing what he wanted TO America) is up for debate.

There is no doubt Obama is a failed leader and will be the worst president in our history. I declared Obama was a failure early on and took a lot of heat from the left. My assessment was based on his efforts to stimulate the economy and the lack of results obtained. He failed, plain and simple.

A reporter from CBS named Danielle Nottingham was at the Republican convention. She began reporting on the failures in Romney’s speech as soon as the speech started. In other words, this alleged journalist was reporting on what the speech failed to convey before she heard what was in it.

I was quick to label Obama a failed president but that was at least based on my observations of something he had done. Nottingham gave her assessment before she even knew what she was reporting on.

This is in the liberal media playbook. They report what they want people to hear regardless of what was said and regardless of if they even heard what was said.

Limbaugh routinely plays different montages of soundbites from the liberal media where they all parrot the same words and those words are Democrat talking points. Whatever the buzz word of the day is they all mention it. Whatever the talking point, they say it. It matters not whether they are accurate because they have a messiah and his corrupt party to protect.

Nottingham is no different. She was there to harm Romney and the Republicans in any way possible.

The Maryland delegation caught her in the act and called her out. She and her crew thought they could intimidate the Maryland Republicans but she must not be aware that Republicans are a minority in Maryland and know how to handle abuse from left wing morons.

I think if Nottingham writes to the journalism school she attended she might be able to get a refund of her tuition.

Then again, they might give her an award for upholding liberal journalistic standards. Party first, truth be damned.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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