All Is Good, Hillary Apologized

Hillary Clinton has been under fire for some time now for a number of things. One of the lasting items is her use of a private email server that bypassed official channels. As new information trickles out it is obvious that Clinton passed classified information through that server. She broke the law and a lot of her staff did as well.

Barack Obama had to know about the server so he is just as guilty as Clinton.

Hillary has been under fire and while she is the presumptive nominee for the Democrats Bernie Sanders is giving her a run for her money and worried Democrat donors are trying to entice Joe Biden to enter the race.

But all is OK now. Hillary Clinton apologized for using the server saying it was a mistake she is sorry for and that it is something she could have and should have done better.

Perhaps if she were not trying to skirt the law by keeping her communications out of the eye of oversight and perhaps if she were above board this would not be an issue because she would have done the right thing and used the official email that all government employees are required to use.

I imagine there will now be screams to leave this poor woman alone. She has apologized and gee whiz, she is trying to win the presidency.

All well and good for a liberal twit but to the rest of us she broke the law, her actions resulted in the deaths of Americans and she is a criminal. We need to bury her under her own evil deeds.

But I have to ask. If she believes she was wrong (that is what an apology is for) and that she could have done things better why should we now believe she is qualified to run the country?

We already know she is not fit to handle the 3 am phone call she touted in the last campaign and now it is clear she will cut corners to do what she wishes.

In this case she wanted to avoid being detected doing something wrong. She wanted to make sure she could control what others saw so none of it would damage her when she ran for the White House. She was involved in criminal acts and she covered them up (that is what deleting 30,000 emails is) so why should we trust her to run the country?

She is a liberal criminal (but I repeat myself) and the only term she is qualified for is 25 to life.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “All Is Good, Hillary Apologized”

  1. Barbara says:

    I would rather see her face firing squad, she is a EVIL person and TRAITOR. FEMALE SATAN.