All He Is Saying, Is Give Peas A Chance

Paul McCartney of Beatle fame has weighed in on an American tradition that has its origins in the pilgrims who left Paul’s homeland to escape religious persecution. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a Brit is weighing in on an American holiday that was started by people who escaped oppressive Brits.

Sir Paul does not want us to eat turkey this Thanksgiving. He wants us to consider cruelty free items on our menu and leave the turkeys to gobble around on farms somewhere.

Paul McCartney, a vegetarian, wants you to give peas a chance.

Here is what I say. If you want to eat turkey, eat turkey. If you don’t want to eat turkey, don’t eat turkey. Furthermore, I promise not to tell you what and what not to eat and you make the same promise to me.

This is the problem with liberals. They don’t like guns then no one can own a gun. They don’t like SUVs then no one can own an SUV. They don’t eat meat then no one can eat meat.

Sir Paul is the typical liberal though we might have to give him a little slack. He is probably suffering from years of drug abuse. Maybe he thinks we are back in the USSR…

As for the turkeys, it sucks for them to be on the lower end of the food chain.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “All He Is Saying, Is Give Peas A Chance”

  1. turkeylover says:

    Thanks for reminding the world of the plight of turkeys, Sir Paul.
    I went down to Costco and bought four butterballs, and a got a really good price.
    It saddens me to think people would eat defenseless, helpless vegetables, fruits unable to scream for help, or to look at you with sad pathetic brown eyes and beg for their life. They can’t run, they can’t hide, they can’t fight back and can’t do a thing to save themselves as vicious cruel vegetarians pluck them, sometime peel them raw and eat them!

    Oh! The humanity!

    From now on, I have made a vow to only eat animals. At least they have a chance to not be chopped and popped into a boiling pot of water, leaves, stems, babies and all. Entire families of potatoes are skinned alive, often while the brothers watch as the sister has her eyes gauged out, flayed and sliced then dropped into boiling oil.

    Vegetarians are as bad a muslims.

  2. Blake says:

    McCartney has been a hypocrite, as he has not been a veggie lover all his life- its just the “new” cause, as he tries to be relevent in this day and age. Pity him.