All Hail Emperor Obama

There is no doubt that B. Hussein Obama considers himself an emperor, a ruler who can make it up as he goes along and who has unchecked power. This is evident because of his past statements. In the past when groups pushing for amnesty to lawbreaking aliens would ask Obama to just sign an Executive Order to allow amnesty he responded that he did not have the authority to do that. He explained that he is the president and that it was his job to enforce the laws passed by Congress whether he liked them or not. He specifically stated on a number of occasions that he was not an emperor he was a president and had to follow the law.

Tomorrow night after Congress has recessed for Thanksgiving Obama will make a statement (cowardly of him to wait, eh) to the nation explaining that he will sign Executive Orders to achieve what he and the illegal alien supporters have wanted all along. He will give amnesty to millions of workers and change their status so they can work here legally. He will do exactly what he said he could not defend legally and what he considered to be the act of an emperor.

B. Hussein Obama now thinks he is an emperor, it is as simple as that.

He can try to rationalize his actions by claiming the Congress has failed to act so he will do what he wants even though he admitted many times in the past that it would be illegal. The inaction of Congress is NOT justification for the president to do what he wants. When he does he thinks himself to be the emperor.

Obama claims to be a Constitutional professor (he is not nor was he) so I would ask him to show me in the Constitution where it says if Congress fails to act the president can do what he wants.

If I were Speaker of the House I would contact every member and tell them to cancel their travel plans because I am not recessing the House. I would tell them they are all staying as long as it takes to draw up articles of impeachment. Then I would work them around the clock to find every possible way to legally take down Obama.

Democrats would balk but I would keep their sorry butts in that chamber until Obama was stopped and if that meant no Thanksgiving at home, then so be it.

When the new Congress is seated I would introduce the 12 or 13 separate spending authorization bills for Obama. I would not send him all of it at once. He would have to do his job and pass them like they are supposed to be passed. The bills with funding for immigration would be severely lacking as would the money to run the White House. No Air Force One no limo upkeep or fuel, no nothing. I would keep that big eared moron shackled to the White House until things were worked out.

But that is me. Boehner has no testicular fortitude and will probably have a smoke and a drink with Obama while laughing at how they screwed over the people paying their salaries.

Then Boehner would have a good cry and go home.

It is time for the Republicans to grow a pair and beat the political snot out of Obama and any of his henchmen who dare to get in the way.

When dealing with a Chicago politician it is best to get real dirty real fast.

Or you will end up screwed.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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