Alito Nomination Will Cause Filibuster

Very soon Judge Samuel Alito will go before the hypocrisy board to explain why he should be the next Supreme Court Justice. Alito will answer questions ranging from his past writings to present day situations such as electronic surveillance. The issue that will take center stage for the Democrats is the issue of abortion and their incessant rant about conservative judges trying to overturn rights not specifically addressed in the Constitution.

I am willing to bet that no matter how Alito answers the questions and no matter how favorably he comes across, his nomination will be filibustered by the left. They have made up their minds already (the hearing is supposed to allow them to do this) and they will oppose him. I predicted that Schumer and Clinton would vote against Roberts despite the fact he has forgotten more about the law than they will ever know. I am confident, and would be very surprised otherwise, that this nomination will end up in a filibuster.

If it does then the Republicans need to get some testicular fortitude and exercise the so called “nuclear” option. If the donks want to obstruct and insist on trying to be the majority through these tactics then our side needs to stomp them down and take control.

Interesting article about Alito.

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