Alito Is A Great Choice (Open Trackback)

President Bush nominated Samuel Alito to fill the Supreme Court seat being vacated by the retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. After the Harriet Miers fiasco Bush has decided to take the fight to the Democrats. The left is coming unhinged over this nomination and web sites are already claiming that Alito will take us back to the dark ages with lynchings and back alley abortions. This should come as a surprise to no one since this is the battle cry of the left any time a conservative is nominated.

I said earlier that Bush was in great shape after Miers withdrew her nomination because he is now free to do battle. They wanted a woman and he gave them one they rejected. The right wanted someone with a very conservative background and that is what they got. The left said Miers did not have a record and they wanted a nominee with a record so Bush gave them that. No one has any right to oppose this nomination because he tried to appease everyone and that was a disaster. Now, Bush has taken off the gloves and is prepared for a knock-down drag-out fight. Liberal Queen Barbara Mikulski was upset that he did not nominate a woman and more than one blogger has lamented the fact that this will be a (mostly) boys club. Everyone had their chance with Miers and they blew it. Now Bush is in perfect position to get a justice who espouses the views of the conservatives and will interpret law, not make it.

There are many sound bites out today with strong opinions from both sides. Many on the left chastise the President for picking a person who will tilt the balance of power of the court. They are perfectly happy when that balance is tilted left but when they see that they might lose the ability to gain in the courts what they can not gain at the ballot box they become nervous. If the left is unhinged then this is a very, very good choice. has a sampling of quotes.


Blogs for Bush has a post up for people who support the nomination.

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  1. Don Surber says:

    Dems For Alito

    Patrick Ruffini has the RNC online and fighting back. Staff member Katie MacGuidwin sent out these testimonials on Judge Sam Alito from these Dems: