Alien from Roswell Deported

Though Roswell is known for the aliens that people believe are held there by the government, it is actually home to other aliens that school officials are trying to keep the government from getting rid of. An 18 year old pregnant ILLEGAL immigrant was deported after she failed to provide proper identification. She was given a ticket for driving without a license and was given a few days to present some identification. She did not and was reported to Immigration Services. She was deported to Mexico because she was here ILLEGALLY.

There are people up in arms about this and of course there are children afraid. They are afraid because they are ILLEGAL and know they are breaking the law. It is pretty plain and simple and should not need to be explained. This woman was 18 years old and that makes her an adult. There is no need to get a parent involved because she is an adult. She is also pregnant so I am sure she has been making some of her own decisions. Those complaining talk about violation of human rights, blah, blah. Her human rights were not violated because she was treated humanely. As for civil rights, well she has none here. A civil right is one granted by virtue of citizenship:

: the nonpolitical rights of a citizen; especially : the rights of personal liberty guaranteed to United States citizens by the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress Webster

She is not a citizen so she has no civil rights and the Constitution does not apply to her. She was treated fairly under the law. I believe the people are upset because if she does not get back here she will not have her jackpot baby on US soil. Until Congress clarifies the law to apply as the writers of the 14th Amendment intended, her kid would be a citizen if born here (jackpot, we are in and can rob American taxpayers blind). I have written about the 14th before and what it means but a footnote in a different ruling by the SCOTUS has been misinterpreted to give citizenship to any kid that pops out of someone who is not a citizen (or subject to the jurisdiction thereof). The unfortunate thing is the teachers in this school are probably unaware of this and they are teaching the next generation.

The tragedy in all this is not that some ILLEGAL was deported or that her jackpot kid might not be born here or even that kids are afraid. The real crime is that the Student Resource Officer (and officer in the Roswell Police Department), Charlie Corn, has been relieved of his duties and the school board decided to remove all RSOs from the schools.

Isn’t this great? The lesson, boys and girls, is that is you do not like the law remove the people who enforce it. Just change the rules so that the laws do not apply to you and your ILLEGAL activity. I wonder if they would have removed the officer if he arrested a drug dealer. I also wonder who will shoulder the blame if an incident happens (Columbine ring a bell) and there are no officers in the schools.

This is a shame and it shows how far liberal twits will go to appease law breakers. What they should be concerned with is teaching these kids right from wrong. It is hard to do that when the bureaucrats ignore the rules in order to allow law breakers to continue breaking the law.

I am personally tired of hearing people cry every time some ILLEGAL gets deported. I am also tired of this mentality that they are owed something or are entitled to taxpayer funded services. They are law breakers and they should be treated accordingly. I think ICE should conduct immigration raids at all the schools a few times a month. That should get rid of them pretty quickly.

We need more officers like Corn and fewer bureaucrats like those on the Roswell school board.

A nation will not remain sovereign so long as it leaves its borders open and allows unfettered access to people who do not belong here. Surely there are crops to pick in Mexico.

Roswell Daily Record

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “Alien from Roswell Deported”

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  5. Schatz says:

    I am so glad to see someone finally recognize that ILLEGALS are not citizens and therefore not entitled to enjoy the benefit of our Constitution and our rights. I hear all too often that some civil rights group (or individual) is ticked off because illegals are not being treated fairly and they are humans, too.

    I completely agree that they are humans and I have no problem with them being human in their own country. They are not entitled to our rights that our people have fought and died for all these many years. They are not covered under our Constitution or even rights such as Miranda, etc. (although we typically extend those rights to anyone here, that is a courtesy not a requirement).

    I am glad that someone enforced the law and disheartened to hear the ramifications this law enforcer (and the school’s decision to remove all officers). What kind of message does this send to people, both legal and illegal? How far are people willing to go to aid and abet this criminal element? Would they be so gracious and understanding if the woman were a murderer or a child molester or even a person who drinks and drives?

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  8. Human Being says:

    You are a heartless idiot. What if this kid was brought here when she was six months old? What if she, like most immigrant children, speaks primarily English and is culturally American? You want to send her alone, and pregnant, to fend for herself? You’re no better than the people who turned Mary away when she was carrying Jesus. What if this woman is carrying the Lord? Have you considered that? There is a hot spot in hell for people like you. Who was this child harming? Your kind like to blast the word “illegal” around, but you never stop to remember that slavery was legal once. It was once legal to forbid women to vote. Sometimes it is the laws that are wrong. Your ignorance and inhumanity disgust me and most Americans, and I am ashamed you live in my country.

  9. The Police says:

    We are ashamed of you. Why don’t you leave if you are so ashamed of the laws that build and defend this country.

  10. The Police says:

    There will be an Illegal Alien protest at the city council meeting Thurs 12/13/07. All able Americans need to attend and defend this nation

  11. Schatz says:

    I may indeed be heartless (and much worse) but I am certainly no idiot, Human Being (that’s funny). I don’t care when she was brought here, how she got here, or who is responsible for her being here. She is not here legally. Therefore, she needs to go back to her country of legal citizenship.

    Anyone in my country illegally can certainly pursue avenues to citizenship besides anchor babies and swimming the great divide. You know, the LEGAL way of becoming a US citizen. As far as I’m concerned, it is the moronic portion of society like yourself that believe that breaking the law is OK when it involves someone coming into this country illegally that merits a very hot place because you are spitting in the face of the men and women who fought and died for our country. OUR country – not everyone’s country. Not for Mexico or Italy or anywhere else. They fought and died so that you can write this BS here and feel all sanctimonious about your holier than though mindset when in truth you are the reason this country is falling into despair.

    Insult away but I stick by my position that anyone here illegally should be denied all benefits (including employment, social services, medical care, whatever) and the borders should be fenced and adequately patrolled. And just for your information, since I believe there is only one Lord and that is Jesus, I don’t think she’s carrying him around. And if she is, she can have him just as well in Mexico as she could have here.