Alec Baldwin In Brokeback Democrat

Alec Baldwin is spewing some political garbage over at the Huffington Post. I guess he is making a guest appearance at that site to let us all know he is still in the country despite his promise to leave if George Bush won. That is what I would expect from a liberal since all they know how to do is cut and run. This guy is a typical moonbat who makes accusations and disputes the story by supplanting it with his own version of the events. This time Baldwin is discussing the accident that Cheney had while hunting. Yes, it was an accident though Baldwin’s brain is too loose from booze and drugs to see it for what it is.

Baldwin wants to know if Whittington will sue Cheney so that they can finally get the VP in court and make him answer questions. I guess Baldwin did not get the memo but the VP does not have to answer to Alec Baldwin and if he is keeping secrets it is in our interest. As far as the ACCIDENT goes, I think it is pathetic that Baldwin would use this episode to call the VP a terrorist. Baldwin distorted just a bit. You see, Cheney said he had a beer with lunch and the accident took place around 5 or 6 pm. If the VP had a beer at lunch then his BAL would be zero by that time of the day. Even with Baldwin’s juiced up liver his BAL would be zero if he could keep himself to just one drink 5 or 6 hours before an event. Here is Baldwin’s take:

Will they go to court? I would imagine if a guy with a few beers in him shoots you in the face on a hunting trip, how could you turn down that opportunity?

Notice how this went to “a few beers”? Perhaps Baldwin was talking about what he [Baldwin] normally has for breakfast but there is no reason to dispute what the VP said. No one else there has come forward and said that they were all drinking. But in typical moonbat style, Baldwin does not let things like facts get in the way of his ideas.

One of the posters at Huffington chided Baldwin for being upset that he lost the lead role in Brokeback Mountain. Don’t worry, Baldwin will probably show up in a remake of a Clint Eastwood movie, The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous. It can be his very own gay cowboy movie and seeing how Baldwin prostitutes himself for the liberal left, it is not hard to imagine he can get comfortably into a role that requires him to drop his pants and bend over.

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