Albright Not So Bright

Madeleine Albright was the Secretary of State under Bill Clinton (though there were many women under that particular President) and she has a piece of advice for the Bush Administration regarding Iraq and Iran. I actually agree with some of the things she says though I whole heartedly disagree with her assessment that we no longer have influence there and can only referee. That is the kind of leadership that brought about the problems in the Middle East. Here is the way her article starts:

THE BUSH administration’s newly unveiled National Security Strategy might well be subtitled “The Irony of Iran.” Three years after the invasion of Iraq and the invention of the phrase “axis of evil,” the administration now highlights the threat posed by Iran — whose radical government has been vastly strengthened by the invasion of Iraq. This is more tragedy than strategy, and it reflects the Manichean approach this administration has taken to the world.

Perhaps if Ms. Albright and her boss would have handled things a bit better we would not have this powder keg. Instead of influencing world events and meeting challenges head on, she and that administration stuck their collective heads in the sand. Their preference to treat attacks against us as criminal acts instead of acts of aggression emboldened terrorists to attack a country they saw as a paper tiger. If they would have practiced a bit of hard diplomacy instead of lobbing a missile every once in a while (to take minds off Bills libido problems) then maybe we would not have the mess we do today.

The Middle East is full of good people who only want to live their lives peacefully. Unfortunately, none of these people are in leadership positions. Instead, those seats are occupied by tyrants who suck the very fabric of life out of the populace. We are in this position today because those who attacked us did so without punishment and without fear. Ms. Albright had a hand in fostering that environment.

Source: LATimes

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One Response to “Albright Not So Bright”

  1. Bosun says:

    She is just living up to her name. Not so Bright.