Al Sharpton is Race Baiting Again

Al Sharpton is in Louisiana stirring up trouble again and he probably won’t stop until he causes someone to get hurt. I think he might find it a bit more difficult than in the other places where he has incited race riots which resulted in people dying. This time he is vastly outnumbered.

As is usually the case with Sharpton, he is lying and twisting facts to exonerate a black criminal. Sharpton will always ignore the misdeeds of black people and always makes everything about race. This time, it is about a black kid that was found guilty of aggravated battery and now faces 22 years in prison after beating the hell out of a white kid.

Some kids were suspended for putting three nooses in a tree where whites congregate but that the black kids had hung around. The kids were suspended for a period of time and then allowed back to school. Sharpton equates this act to the brutal beating that the black kid was convicted of:

“You cannot have two levels of justice,” Sharpton said Sunday. “Some boys assault people and are charged with nothing. Some boys hang nooses and finish the school year. And some boys are charged with attempted murder.” Comcast

The story does not mention anyone who committed an act of violence and was charged with nothing. The story does talk about the nooses and indicates the boys were suspended. Contrary to what that idiot Sharpton would have you believe, they were punished. You see, to that race baiting jackass the kids who hung the nooses should have been punished so severely that they could not finish the school year but a kid who beat the hell out of another should not receive a harsh penalty, should not have been charged with the crime that he was.

Sharpton has been out of the news for a while and he sees this as a good way to get his ugly mug back before the cameras. When will this no good race baiter stop stirring up racial emotions? When will he hold blacks up to the same standard he demands of whites?

Sharpton has caused enough trouble in the past and every time he incites a riot innocent people get killed. He has already made a veiled threat when he said that he is not there to cause trouble but to prevent it. I read that as if you don’t do things like I want there will be trouble. I hope he incites some trouble in that town where whites vastly outnumber blacks and I hope they hang him with one of those nooses.

By the way, those kids were suspended for hanging those nooses, as they should have been because it was on school property. If they want to hang them anywhere else it is as much free speech as burning a Flag whether Sharpton likes it or not.

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16 Responses to “Al Sharpton is Race Baiting Again”

  1. Billy Joe says:

    Hi BD,

    I go away for the week and the comments to your posts dry up!

    You said:

    “I hope he incites some trouble in that town where whites vastly outnumber blacks and I hope they hang him with one of those nooses.”

    Just to make sure I’m understanding you correctly, you want them to hang Al Sharpton because he is, thru his exercise of free speech, a ‘race baiter’?

    Shouldn’t the white race baiters who hung the nooses under the Whites-only tree in the first place also be hung then or do you apply another standard to whites?

    Your enthusiasm for a full-blown race war in that Louisiana town is obvious. I’m sure you’d think it’s the best thing in the world if the white residents rose up and went on an 1870’s era murderous rampage to put that uppity Al Sharpton in his place. Heaven forbid a black person exercise their free speech rights, eh?

    It’s nice to be back and see your commitment to free speech for those people you agree with but not for those with whom you disagree.

    Memo to you: Free speech is not meant exclusively for people with whom you agree. It’s actually meant to protect those who say disagreeable things and whom you apparently want to lynch. That’s very un-American of you. I’m once again convinced you’re living in the wrong country. North Korea is much more in-tune with your authoritarian personality.

    I’m glad I dropped by for my daily dose of rightwing illogic and muddled thinking.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Once again BJ you show what an ignorant ass you really are. The post dealt with Sharpton causing problems in a town where the locals have already handled the problem. The kid who put up the nooses was suspended and ten allowed back in school once the suspension was over. The black kid beat the hell out of the white kid and Sharpton is down there calling his conviction racist.

    I only allude to Sharpton’s earlier excursions. He has incited several riots where people have been killed. What I said, and what people with brains realize, is that Sharpton made a similar threat when he said he did not come to start trouble but to stop it. I said I hoe he does start trouble because in this place he will be in trouble and they can hang him.

    In case they did not teach you this in school, th only right a person has with regard to free speech is that the government will not shut a person up. No one is obligated to listen to anyone else and we do not have to allow others to speak. So, it is not a matter of me wanting to take away Sharpton’s right to free speech because it does not apply here. My pointing out the issue of the nooses was to show that the libs will cry about free speech (as you did) unless thy disagree with the message.

    Both kids did something wrong and both were punished. Sharpton does not belong there and if he tries to cause problems I hope, if smeone has to die, it is him and not some innocent bastard that gets caught up in his racist tripe.

    Do not, little man, put words in my mouth. I am clear in what I say and if you can not get it then whistle and I will explain it but I do not need you putting words in my mouth. I am tired of your insinuations about me being a racist and the other names you seem to tag. Perhaps, one day we can meet in person and you can judge for yourself if I am all those things. I will be in DC on the 15th, will you?

  3. Billy Joe says:

    So Sharpton should be hanged (!) for speaking out ‘where he doesn’t belong’ about race issues but for the white race baiters, who started the entire thing by hanging nooses in a tree, suspension from school was sufficient. Okey dokey.

    I’m glad you’re around to stand up for the downtrodden and put upon Whites in this country. Has there ever been a more victimized group?

    What’s in DC on the 15th? Some sort of White Supremacist/anti-Mexican rally?

  4. hdrk05 says:

    BJ (big jackass) evidently you are the one that does not understand simple English. the white boy was punished for the noose, and Big Al wants the black boy to go free from prosecution for assault and battery just for starters. You really do need to get a life and stop trying to intimidate the Big Dog. I have read many of replies by you and it does appear you are trying to twist the words and make BD sound like a racist. Far from the truth since I know more about him well.

  5. Schatz says:

    Well I’m going to sound like a big time racist and I really don’t care what BJ or anyone else has to say about it. Hanging nooses may not be nice (and probably is racist) but it certainly isn’t against the law (at least not the ones I know about – unless it has something to do with being on school property, etc.) It is also not legally actionable. Assault, however, is against the law and very actionable. Therefore, these two instances are really incongruous and Sharpton is, once again, trying to make excuses for why black boys do bad things. This idiot is always out starting trouble trying to make an issue of race when there really isn’t one. His behavior only makes the divide between the races bigger which is what he prefers.

    Personally, I liked it better when the comments were somewhat dry (at least the ones here were from intelligent folks then). I hate reading anything that just convinces me that people should need to get a license to reproduce in order to avoid genetic mishaps in the brain department such as we have here with BJ. I believe that most of the things you are sounding off about are what we all call “sarcasm” and “humor.” I doubt the Big Dog would want Sharpton hung from a noose down there, that would be a more pleasant death than he rightly deserves. I, however, would not mind seeing Sharpton and every other trouble-making moron (no matter what color) strung up for the world to see. To me that would be a good start. And for the record, I am certainly NOT racist. I hate everyone equally!

  6. bleecherama7 says:

    Poodle Dog Your a nazi and a redneck.Enjoy the minority.George Allen called and said he wants his hood and noose back.

  7. bleecherama7 says:

    And those two boarder patroll gaurds got what they deserved? Or does that not count.After all they did recieve a fair trial. I say hang em high with poodle dogs noose

  8. bleecherama7 says:

    The two boarder gaurds that is….

  9. bleecherama7 says:

    See you on the 15th Im sure you will be easy to see,Looking foeward to meeting you.

  10. Virginia says:

    Love ya Bigdog, tell it like it is my friend. That Nigga will get his some day, and I will celebrate. Lousiana could and might take care of that problem. I know if or when he cross that Sabine River on I-10 headed West,puts him in next state, he might not find people there, that will take his bs, side with him ,like old Billy J there. Sharpton probably does not know much about swamp land, Louisiana is full of it. Blow Job , I mean Billy Joe, does not know nothing about you, he is just one of them professional do nothings, so I myself, would not waste my time with that guy, he is like Sharpton, just wants to start some sh*t, bet he is not hung well enough to discuss his racist bs in person with ya. BJ is the kind of pimpy ass person, that makes me forget I am a lady. I will not even waste my time debating his bullsh*t, he is a sicko. Love ya Bigdog, we know your right, always have been, always will be.

  11. Big Dog says:

    BJ, once again you put words in my mouth but others, who obviously have an education, get the jist.

    Bleech, I am not going to dignify your stupid comments with a remark. Think what you will but do us all a favor and get an education before you write. It is obvious why you don’t understand the post, you havea poor education.

    As for the 15th, you won’t have to find me because I will not be hiding though it might be difficult to see me with the tens of thousands of others who will be there. I will be there and if you would like to speak you let me know. I will be happy to set you straight. If you are thinking about more than a talk that is OK too, just make sure you have paid all your premiums. I will be there so don’t be a stranger but don’t be like those other cowards who were there last time. They screamed like little girls and ran like hell when real men stood up to them.

    Looking forward to seeing you…

  12. Billy Joe says:

    Virgina, do you kiss your mom with that mouth? Your words are very Christlike. NOT! Your enthusiasm for lynching leaves me with the impression you’re living in 1870, like Big Dog. Extra-legal executions… very un-American! Why bother with those pesky laws, eh? Maybe you belong in North Korea with Wiener Dog? It suits your authoritarian personality. Who knows? If you’re obese, you might even lose some lbs by moving to N. Korea.

    Since you guys don’t seem to get it, I think Sharpton is down there protesting the fact that high schoolers, who were taunted by *white race baiters* (should I call them race pimps?), are being tried for aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy to commit aggravated second-degree battery, which together carry a maximum of 22 years in prison.

    Have any of you, you know, actually read about this case outside of the wingnut blogosphere? Here’s an article from the Chicago Tribune (that’s not too liberal, is it?) with the background. note that the victim was knocked out but not hospitalized.,1,3186370.story?coll=chi-newsnationworld-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

    How often does that happen? I think normally kids who fight at school don’t face 20 years in prison. Suspension is usually what happens. Maybe expulsion from school. I’d be quite interested in hearing why you think they deserve up to 20 years in prison for this. I’m not holding my breath. The facts of the case are terribly inconvenient for your lynchmob crusade and wingnuts are more inclined to cut-and-run when confronted with facts.

    Wiener Dog, you definitely need to take pictures of your event (White Pride Parade?) on the 15th. It would be great if you could post photos of you and your friends goose stepping across the mall.

    Somehow I get the feeling there will be less than 10’s of thousands of people, so your pictures could provide a good historical record.

  13. Big Dog says:

    First of all Billy Troll,
    It is a gathering of veterans so there will be people of all color. I don’t expect you to know that since you have little knowledge of the military.

    One kid hung a noose, the other kid assaulted a person. I do not think the assault took place at school but in any event, the kid was attacked. Does this kid already have a criminal record? Has he been arrested for assault before? You see, stupid people are unable to see that these things play into it. The fact that he is black had little to do with the sentence, unless you are implying that the noose hanger should have been put in jail.

    Sharpton is there to stir up trouble. People should be tired of that and your twisting words or meanings makes no difference.

    The last time we were together there were around 30,000 of us (in many colors). Unlike idiot libs, we are not racists because color does not matter. We don’t care about it nor do we lean on it to excuse bad behavior.

  14. Billy Joe says:

    So in other words, you really don’t know much about the Jena case, do you?

    You don’t seem to be aware of any historical precendent where a kids were threatened with 22 years in prison for ganging up on another kid and knocking him out (but not so badly that the victim was hospitalized). Why is, say, a 1 month suspension from school insufficient?

    Take photos of your demonstration. I’d love to see the sea of thousands of people who’ll be there. I don’t suppose you’ll be taking Bush to task for not wanting to fully fund a new G.I. Bill because he’d rather repeal the estate tax than fully fund the educations of those people who have put their lives on the line?

  15. Big Dog says:

    Demonstration? No. A response to the anti war crowd. They will never again show up unopposed. It is kind f fun because they all get scared and run away (like Sheehag) or they are real quiet until they get blocks away and then they scream like they are tough…

    Assault is a crime. They knocked a kid out. Are you so mental you do not see that this is a crime? I would have to agree that 22 years is quite a lot (here it is a max of 10 for a first offense) so this tells me the kid had a record already and this is just an addition to an already long rap sheet.

    THAT is why a suspension is not appropriate.

  16. Roger says:

    A quote from Booker T. Washington 1911

    There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles , the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs_partly because they want sympathy, and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs… There is a certain class of race-problem solvers who do not want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public. – Booker T. Washington in his 1911 book, My Larger Education

    Could it be, that he saw the future?

    Why do the Reverends Jackson & Sharpton come to mind??