Al Sharpton is a Nappy Head* Idiot

Al Sharpton must be full of himself tonight. You can bet that he, Jackson and the rest of the race baiting poverty pimps are sitting around some back room passing a brown bagged bottle of T-Bird and high-fiving each other over taking down a popular white guy. Today, CBS fired Don Imus over the remarks he made about the Rutgers female basketball team. I have made it clear that I think what Imus said was wrong, not because he does not enjoy free speech or that it was mean spirited but because it was targeted at young ladies who have done nothing wrong. These young ladies made a great showing in the NCAA and they should be proud. To have that overshadowed by Imus’ remarks is unfortunate.

However, I feel that firing Imus for this is an act of cowardice. CBS bowed to the pressure of two of the biggest racists int he country, Jackson and Sharpton. Race relation in this country have been set back years because of these two and the firing of Imus can not make that better. Sharpton and Jackson have made plenty of racist comments over the years and they have allowed other blacks to do the same. While both claim to fight against gangsta rap and its lyrics, neither has called for boycotts against the companies that produce that garbage. Neither has called for a record label to dismiss gangsta rap artists, most of whom have lyrics that make Imus’ statement seem like a nursery rhyme. With these two race baiters it is never about the racism they exhibit, only about the racism they can make money off.

Blacks in this country would be in a lot better shape if they did not listen to Al and Jesse tell them how they are being mistreated. Instead, Jackson, who by the way it was reported used the phrase “nappy headed niggers, goes around extorting money from companies by threatening boycotts. That is what he and fellow extortionist Sharpton did to CBS. This cowardice extended to sponsors who pulled support for the show. I will be writing a check to pay off my American Express and then I will cancel it. When Nextel comes up for renewal they will be replaced. I can boycott as well.

There is never outrage when Sharpton starts riots (he calls them protests) and people get killed. Instead, they are placed on pedestals like they are important. They are not. They use the history of slavery to raise themselves above those they claim to help. Hell, I bet Sharpton would die of a headache before he picked cotton out of a new aspirin bottle, and that might not be a bad thing.

I have no use for either of them. I think they have divided the races even more because of this and that is a shame. We need to be on the look out for a black host who might use racist terms toward whites. Then we can demand that Al and Jesse protest and demand dismissal. If they don’t we might have to consider if they need rope neckties.

I hope one day I am near Al and he uses one of his racist terms to describe whites. I will beat his ass from one end of town to another and then beat it back again just to watch him scram like a nappy headed ho.

For those of you who will surely comment about it being a racist post, save your fingers, I don’t care what you think. Nothing is racist to me until Al and Jesse are taken to task for their racist remarks.

Imus Fired

Big Dog

*I use the term as defined in the Urban Dictionary.

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11 Responses to “Al Sharpton is a Nappy Head* Idiot”

  1. CBS fires shock jock Don Imus…

    CBS fired Don Imus from his radio program Thursday, the finale to a stunning fall for one of the nat…

  2. Mustang says:

    Spot on, BD. I made similar observations at my blog.

    Semper Fi

  3. Raven says:

    Well said…and I am really sick of these black people doing the very damage they so claim to be against, to themselves. They deserve what they get now.

  4. I am going to take a guess and assume that you are white. How in the hell can you say whats best for anybody. Al and Jessie have fought for rights well before you were born. Your “white Dog” Imus, was an idiot.

    His comments serve to appease the whites who sit back and assume that they are our only problem. Time has change and if Imus had come to a few areas in this country and said that he would have gotten much more than fired. His mic was his white sheet that he hides behind, like this computer is for many white cowards. I did not see you on CNN making these comments, come out from behind the mic and pull off the sheets.

  5. Big Dog says:

    No Lonnie,
    you did not see me on CNN. You also did not see me in New york inciting riots where Jewish people were stabbed to death or had their stores set on fire where people died.

    Sharpton is a racist bigot who does not fight for blacks, he keeps them down and makes them second class citizens.

    What Imus said was wrong but his mic is not a sheet. You forget all the good he does with hsi camp for kids with cancer, including blacks kids by the way. He said something stupid, but that does not make him a racist and it does not mean he should be fired.

    As for hiding behind a computer, I guess you know all about that. I will be happy to debate Al anytime.

  6. Mike E says:


    You’re a typical racist idiot who is THE problem in this country. When the playing field is level, people like you lose…and you can’t stand that…most likely because you’re like the rest of the lazy racists in this country who can’t hold a real job so they blame the white man for everything. You’re pathetic.

  7. Big Dog says:

    You are right on Mike.
    Guys like Lonnie are the problem. We all realize that racism is not a good thing but we also know that as long as there is a double standard there will be racism and hatred.

  8. Virginia says:

    you sound just like a Lonnie, the Liberal Looser.

  9. Genee D. says:

    I think that all of these comments are racist and unnecessary. I am a black woman. I personally was not offended by Imus comments, because no one man’s comments define me. The dark color of my skin doesn’t define me, my beauty does not define me, my high level of intelligence does not define me, my race does not define me. All of these characteristics are a part of me, but God defined me when He said that I, just like you, am fearfully and wonderfully made. Mr. Sharpton, not Mr. Jackson were the reason that Mr. Imus was fired, so your anger is misguided. Internal employees and sponsors are the reason he was fired. Although his show made 15Million/year, his salary alone was 10 million. Rest assured, Mr. Imus will be back on the radio, probably satellite radio, very soon. So there’s no need to shed any tears for him. And about Hip Hop, just like any other free speech, what we like to listen to, we adopt from what is deemed acceptable. I teach my son that that is not acceptable and prayerfully, he’ll teach his children the same. All the best to you.

  10. gene willis says:

    welcome to the broader form of divesity and understanding of american wait a moment….where everyone is judged by the contents of there,wait a moment…when no one is above reproch and,wait a moment…where people can live together like a family and,wait a moment…am i missing somthing here?

  11. gene willis says:

    did you ever notice,have you ever heard of,has anyone discovered that,could it be that,what about,maybe we shoudve,could have,should have,might have,thats the answear!