Al-Reuters Fails To Mention Iran’s Threats

I will say one thing for Iran, the country has a lot of nerve. Iran complained to the UN about the threats from Israel and stated that these threats violated the UN Charter. The country wants action taken against the violent Zionist regime. Israel earlier indicated that it would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities if something was not done about them. Al-Reuters reported on the offended nation and its complaint.

In the entire al-Reuters article not one mention was made of all the threats that Iran has made against Israel. The whiny leaders of Iran are running around crying about threats from Israel when Iran threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Al-Reuters did not see fit to mention this threat or any of the others made by the terrorist nation of Iran.

This should not surprise anyone because al-Reuters is an anti Semitic organization and their “news” always slants to favor anyone but Israel. So let me clear it up.

Shut up Iran. You have been threatening Israel for a very long time and your surrogates have been waging war against that country practically non stop. You are already attacking them by proxy. Just because al-Reuters does not see fit to mention your constant threats does not mean they never happened.

If I were Israel I would wipe you off the map and be done with it.

Big Dog

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7 Responses to “Al-Reuters Fails To Mention Iran’s Threats”

  1. Blake says:

    Once again, the Jews are made the scapegoat. Mahmoud Geseundheit, or whatever his name is ( he really should Americanize it, it would be ever so helpful there)- has to find someone to take his people’s minds off of their 28% inflation, their joblessness, the price of gas in a place where they are replete with oil. I could go on, but the plain fact of the matter, is that Arab, or Persian, they have the same rant, and, in the spirit of Easter, I would just like to say, (and I really, really would like someone to pass this on to him),
    Hey, Mahmoud, why don’t you climb down off that cross, use the wood to build a bridge, and GET OVER IT.
    I am sooooo tired of the Middle East’s angst- filled inferiority complex- its like dealing with bratty children, and now I know why tigers eat their young.
    They whine about how it is the palestinian homeland- yes, but it was the Jew’s before them, so the Jews have a prior claim. Plus, when that nasty crusades or jihad, or whatever you call it happened, the Muslims totally did not respect the Jew’s peoperty.
    Dude, this is all really harshing my mellow- you know what would be cool? Israel kicking butt on the nuke reactors- they could make a movie, call it the Tehran Syndrome. If they spackle Hanoi Jane heavy enough, she could play the reactor.

  2. Adam says:

    Frankly I don’t know why Israel acts so concerned about the nuke. You can’t destroy Israel without destroying all Palestinians at the same time so the likelihood of that happening is very slim. But I’m with you on the joke of a complaint to the UN. Iran is run by a bunch of chicken**** pieces of trash. I feel bad for their people for the most part…

  3. Big Dog says:

    I have to agree with you though Iran would consider the Palestinians martyrs for the cause, 72 virgins and all.

    Yeah, I actually do feel sorry for the people there because most of them like the US and don’t want to be ruled by a bunch of nuts.

  4. Adam says:

    But let me also say that other countries in the region and the US included should be worried about Iran and a nuke, I just still don’t get Israel’s concerns specifically…

  5. Big Dog says:

    The problem with any of these loose cannons is that they might sell the stuff to others and then you never know where it is coming from.

    It is a worry to have Iran with nukes. Israel must realize that the Iranians are nuts and might sacrifice a lot of others to get to the Jews.

  6. Adam says:

    I’d be careful buying from idiots in Iran. Be on the watch for a shiny bomb-casing filled with used pinball machine parts…

  7. Blake says:

    Adam, you are assuming that the Iranians give a rat’s patootie about the Palestinians- they do not. None of the rest of the Arab world cares for the Palestinians either, except as a cause to raise money for arms. Really- the Arab world could have absorbed the Palestinians, or paid money to help get them out of the refugee camps- it’s not as if the Arab world lacks money, but they leave the Palestinians out there, starving, and being shelled by the Israelis, while they lob remarkably ineffective rockets into Israel.
    The Palestinians are a flag, a symbol, and you do not put your symbol away. The Iranians, and their proxy terrorists, Hezbollah, want to expand their influence in the Middle East, and this is how they are doing it, with the Palestinians staked out as bait. They are still counting on outrage from all the people who want to see the manufactured humanitarian crisis, and yes, it is manufactured.
    All of this could go away in a day, if the rockets would stop, and Hezbollah would withdraw from Lebanon and Hamas from the Gaza Strip, but they won’t.
    I find it strange that Hezbollah, who has taken over a country, has not been censured by the U.N.- Oh, that’s right- the U.N. has no spine.
    After all, it took how many resolutions before Iraq complied? 17? Oh, that’s right, Iraq laughed at the UN, and nothing was done, until the US went in.
    But this just demonstrates the futility of the UN- why we even support this circle of jerks is beyond me.
    If it wasn’t for that executive order prohibiting assassination, the religious leaders of Iran might be a bit more nervous.
    I’m with Adam in agreeing that most of the people in Iran have no beef with the U.S., indeed would like closer relations, but then, as with our country, we have a problem with the leadership and the people being on the same page regarding a number of problems.
    When it comes to Israel’s concerns, what do you NOT get?
    Look, if you had a neighbor who had a 44 magnum, and was threatening your family with it, and you knew the police (UN) was ineffective, would you not be concerned? Would you not be prepared to protect your family? or would you sit passively by? Well, Israel’s days of passivity are over. Their slogan has been “Never Again.” I believe them.
    Israel is not a large country, and an atomic bomb can take out a city- Israel has about three cities, of which Haifa, the port, would be among the first hit. Lack of concern is not in their nature, nor would it be in mine.
    You ever see deer, Adam? The deer has, over the centuries, figured out that they will die if they are not eternally vigilant, so they are always on guard, because for them, death can come from anywhere, at any time. I imagine for Israel it is much the same, and I do not blame them a bit.