Al-Queda Using Illegal Wire Taps

The terrorists in Iraq are using equipment to intercept the home phone numbers of soldiers serving in Iraq and are then calling those numbers and telling the families that the soldiers had been killed. In some cases, according to the Telegraph UK, the terrorists are making threats to the soldier’s wives. Related items indicate:

The New York Times refused to print the story stating that the wire tapping program was vital to the security of Al-Qaeda. They immediately gave up the names of the people who leaked the information.

The ACLU said it was Bush’s fault for teaching them how to wire tap. They also indicated that they support the terrorists right to intercept phone calls out of their country.

Senator Feingold said that the terrorists had every right to listen to phone calls that were made to foreigners in the interest of the national security of Iraq. He indicated that calls for censure of terrorists who devised the plan were partisan based and foolish.

John Kerry indicated that he voted for terrorist wire tapping before he voted against it.

Hillary Clinton said that she was happy the technology her husband provided to rogue countries made it into the hands of the terrorists so that they might gain Independence.

Ted Kennedy said wire tap schmire tap. Shut up and pour me another drink, and send one to my son at the end of the bar, but only one he’s driving.

Arlen Spector said that we did not even need to look into this or have investigations because the terrorists were well within their rights to protects themselves by calling the soldier’s wives. Chuck Schumer piped in “just think of it as a bad telemarketing call or Dell tech support.” (thanks to George Bush outsourcing all the jobs)

John Murtha called for all soldier’s wives to cut and run indicating that he had been a Marine and seen bad tech support calls which he says can be “scary”.

Vice President Cheney’s wife received a call from a terrorist but when she invited him over to go hunting with her husband the phone went dead.

So there you have it. The terrorists have their own wire tapping program with the support of America’s left.

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One Response to “Al-Queda Using Illegal Wire Taps”

  1. Laurie says:

    Funny. But it just feels so bizarre, how has our country gotten like this?