Al Qaeda On The Run – Toward Us…

Four years ago Barack Obama assured us that the terror group Al Qaeda was on the run. Because Barack the Almighty had focused on them they had been vanquished. This all falls in line with the self projected image of Barack Hussein Obama being a tough guy when he took credit for killing Osama bin Laden. A side note here, the US military killed him. Obama was playing golf when the good guys were working hard to get OBL and only left the golf course long enough to watch real men at work.

Keep that golf thing in mind because it will come up again in regard to terrorism.

Anyway, Obama told us that Al Qaeda was on the run and his regime effectively removed the words “War on Terror” from our vocabulary. Can’t have the US insulting Obama’s kin now can we?

Al Qaeda is on the run BUT it was that terror group credited with the Benghazi attack and subsequent murder of four Americans (and the cover up that followed).

This past weekend 22 US embassies in the Middle East were closed and a global travel alert was issued because of a “specific threat.” First of all, if the threat was specific why close all those embassies? Unless it was specific to the extent that all of them were targets why would we need to close them all? Why issue a GLOBAL travel alert for a SPECIFIC threat?

The kicker here is that the specific threat, one described as more specific than any going back to before 9/11/2001, is a threat from Al Qaeda.

You got that? The reason we closed 22 embassies (and now that closure has increased from one day to a week) and issued a global travel alert is because a group of terrorists that Obama said is on the run has issued a specific threat.

Evidently on the run has a different meaning to Obama than it does to the rest of us. You see, to most of us if the enemy is on the run it means they are running AWAY from us. They are defeated or degraded so much so that they cannot effectively fight so they are running away.

To Barack Obama it must mean that the enemy is strong and running TOWARD us because it is strong enough to force us to close 22 embassies and issue the travel alert.

Make no mistake about this, Barack Obama touted his street creds about Al Qaeda many times, particularly during the last presidential campaign, and he gave the impression through his speeches that we had beaten that terror group. Even if his idea of on the run is different than ours he did not explain that difference so he led us all to believe that we were winning.

Obama talked about the demise of Al Qaeda 32 times since the Benghazi attack. Yes, Al Qaeda, the group Obama said was on the run four years ago attacked the compound in Benghazi. So they were not on the run then and since then Obama has talked about how that group, the group that murdered Americans, had been decimated (which is an incorrect use of the word*) even though it is evidently strong enough to cause mass chaos for our embassies and our travel.

I will not fault this regime for exercising caution because of the threat. If there is a threat it must be taken seriously and whatever actions are necessary must be executed. I take exception to all this being done in the shadow of Obama’s many claims that he had defeated the group causing the problems.

The cynic in me thinks that Obama is using a red herring to take focus away from all the scandals that are not phony as he would have you believe.

I also take exception to a regime that refused to exercise the same amount of caution in Benghazi. If it had listened to requests for more security and granted those requests our people would have stood a better chance.

But how could he? He was in the middle of a campaign and needed to fool people into thinking he was making progress. He had told people Al Qaeda was on the run so he had to act like it was.

Our citizens were fodder to cover his ineptness so he could get reelected.

Now that he does not have to worry about running again he can close all the embassies and issue all the alerts he wants. It matters not if his claims about Al Qaeda have turned out to be untrue.

He is already in office and his sycophant media will not call him on the lies.

As for the golf I told you to keep in mind? Obama played golf when our troops were going after OBL.

Yesterday, amid the embassy closings and travel alert Barack Hussein Obama took it so seriously that he, you guessed it.

Played golf…

*Decimate: though many dictionaries have relented the word means to reduce by one tenth. Annihilate, obliterate, or slaughter are better choices if the intention is to convey something has been drastically reduced. Or one could simply say drastically reduced…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Al Qaeda On The Run – Toward Us…”

  1. Blake says:

    AQ is NOT on the run- a lie if ever I heard one- but that is no surprise, since the Rezident and the truth keep each other at arm’s length. There cannot be a more compelling reason for retro-active abortions than Obama- say, about the 200th trimester- after all, Obama would vote for it.