Al-Obama Backers Resort to Terrorism

There have been disturbing reports that people who oppose Barack Obama have received death threats and have had their property vandalized. One person had a site up with a petition to get Obama’s birth certificate released (the real one, not the photo shopped Kos copy) but he had to take the site down because of death threats that included information like his address.

A group of women who supported Hillary Clinton in the primary and who still support her have formed a group that is opposed to the Obamination. A number of them have received death threats and that list of victims continues to grow. The latest victim received several email threats and a phone call before someone set fire to a tree on her property. A woman who runs the Hillary is my girl website is that victim.

Two weeks later as PUMA began to gain attention the Campaign began bothering me again. I received an email and then the phone calls started.
One evening I received a phone call another death threat and then shortly after my son came in and yelled fire. Someone set my tree on fire. The fire department said the fire was arson.

I do not care for Hillary Clinton and I would never vote for her because I do not agree with her politics and I believe she is a criminal. Having said that, no one should be threatened or have their property vandalized because of who they back politically. This same thing happened in 2004 when Democrats keyed cars with Bush bumper stickers and set Bush/Cheney signs on fire. These acts are unacceptable and do not help any candidate.

I am here to say that I oppose Barack Obama. He is a Socialist and he is a disaster waiting to happen. He lacks leadership ability and the only thing that helps him is a charisma that mesmerizes weak minded people and lures them into robotic servitude. I cannot stand his politics and I think he is a typical mob like Chicago politician (and the terror tactics show it) and he will say or do anything to get elected. Having said that, if the Obama terrorists don’t like it they can take their death threats and go straight to hell.

The unfortunate thing is these liberals who are being threatened probably have no means to protect themselves because liberals are not in favor of guns. Who knows, maybe now they will become bitter and start clinging to guns like the rest of the unenlightened.

I hope that the terrorists in the Al-Obama camp are caught and prosecuted and I hope these tactics damage the Messiah’s chances of winning.

To the PUMAs I say, I don’t support Hillary but I respect your right to do just that. I wish you safety and hope they catch whomever is committing these crimes.

Now, is it any wonder Obama wants to make nice with the terrorists?

Big Dog

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15 Responses to “Al-Obama Backers Resort to Terrorism”

  1. Thank you we may not agree on a lot of issues but the second admendment is not one of the things we disagree on and I got myself a gun. I can assure you that I believe in self protection. I am not a supporter of gun control. I do not believe in changing any of the bill of rights.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for stopping by. Good for you. We might make a conservative out of you yet..:) At least you get to see how we get treated all the time.

    In all seriousness, I hope you are safe and never have to use that gun. You deserve to support who you want and should be able to do so without threats and intimidation.

    Good luck (not in getting Hillary elected though).


  3. Big Dog says:

    BTW, are you now one of the bitter Pennsylvanians who clings to her guns and religion?

  4. yes well actually I was that during the Primary lol.

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  6. Bunny Colvin says:

    Yeah BigDork, because we all know that there has NEVER been any instance of a right winger terrorizing a Democrat, right? Save us the fake outrage. Your girlfriend MAnn Coulter advocates violence against supreme court justices, for God’s sake. You’re a fraud.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Now that al-Maliki wants us out, What is the Republican Party’s position on troop withdraw?

  7. Big Dog says:

    Sure there have been instances but they are few and far between. The major point here Hunny, is that these are Democrats terrorizing other Democrats, much like the party has done to blacks for decades to get them to stay on the plantation.

    However, the majority of these acts are caused by Democrats.

    Also Hunny, one does not excuse bad behavior by pointing out more bad behavior. What you have stated is that since Republicans have done this, it is OK for Obama’s supporters to do it.

    You should be saying that it is wrong and must stop. It is amazing to me how many idiots like you will demand and end to the war and talk about peace while using or advocating violence to further your cause.

    There is quite a difference between saying that you think someone should be killed and actually calling them and making the threat. If Coulter called the Justices and made the threat she would be in jail, the same place the people who made these threats belong.

    My advice when confronted with these kinds of people, shoot to kill so the jury only has to listen to one side of the story.

  8. xax says:

    Big Dog, my kind of person. And you are absolutely right “one does not excuse bad behavior by pointing out more bad behavior”. That’s what children do.

    And by the way Bunny, I think you need to check CNN because al-Maliki says he never said that. In fact, his position is more aligned with McCain’s than Obama.

    xaxs last blog post..Arrogance….

  9. Bunny Colvin says:

    Like I said over @ my blog, I suspect there was more than a little arm twisting applied by the Bushies when al-Maliki’s thoughts became public. If there is no recording of the conversation, it’s just gonna be he said/she said. I don’t know who’s word to take- I can’t think of two bigger liars than Nuri al-Maliki and George W. Bush.

    And I’m not “excusing” any bad behavior. Those responsible for the death threats should be prosecuted and punished.

    Funny that BigDork cites Democrats “terrorizing” blacks. Yeah, because most of the neo-Nazi’s I’ve ever meet are flaming liberals. Please.

    BigDweeb also claims that the “majority” of these terroristic acts are “caused by Democrats”. Is any proof of this claim offered? Of course not.


    Timothy McVeigh
    Terry Nichols
    David Duke
    Eric Rudolph
    Buford Furrow
    James Kopp
    Clayton Waagner
    Matt Hale
    Dick Cheney

  10. Big Dog says:

    Bunny, David Duke was a Democrat. He later switched to the Republican Party because he thought he could win an election that way.

    Was the political leanings of McVeigh and Nichols known?

    Cheney does not fit the definition of terrorist.

    Bigger liar, Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton.

    Of course the news is what you want it to be Bunny. That is OK dear, go take a diazepam and calm down.

    And just to educate you, Nazis were Socialists. That is what Nazi is short for, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. No Conservative is a Socialist.

  11. Bunny Colvin says:

    Ronald Reagan was also a Democrat. He later switched to the republic party because he thought he could win elections that way. Your point?

    McVeigh was a reistered republican…

    My $ says that Nichols was also republican. This is based on pure speculation on my part, but judging by your previous posts you have no qualms with opinion based on speculation.

    Cheney surely fits the definition of terrorist. Without a doubt.

    Bill Clinton’s sexual exploits (past or present) do not concern me. Nor do they concern millions of Americans whom view lying in justification to lauch a preemptive war as more of a problem than lying about an oval office blowjob.

    Indeed, the proper term for the Nazi Party is the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. However, the ideology of the Nazis had much more in common with the leanings of the right than the left. Nazis were fascists. So are Bush/Cheney. So are countless “conservatives” today. So are you.

    Bunny Colvins last blog post..Beech Outdoor Advertising-Purveyors of Fear

  12. Otto VonAuchvetter says:

    The real bad side of recieving death threats if you live in California or Washington D.C., it is illegal to defend yourself. Just try to get a concealed weapons permit. Therefore, if anyone is killed or maimed in either of these two places, the law makers who oppose a CCW must be siezed, held for trial as an accessory to these crimes and face death sentences or long prison terms for violating the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution.There must be accountability of authority the same as there is accountability of the average citizen.

  13. Big Dog says:

    Ronald Reagan changed because he no longer agreed with the left’s ideologies. California is full of libs so it is not like he thought changing would garner him favor there.

    So, what you are saying is you are OK with lying as long as it is lying you agree with? If you opposed lying all together it would be one thing but you are only opposed to lies that you disagree with.

    No one has proven there were lies that led to the war. It was based on intelligence from around the world.

    You can call Republicans Nazis and Facists. That does not make it true.

    It is true that the Democrats are Socialists and Communists.

  14. zingzing says:

    “And just to educate you, Nazis were Socialists. That is what Nazi is short for, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party. No Conservative is a Socialist.”

    uh huh. now what did hitler say in mein kampf? oh yes, the “two great evils”: judaism and communism. keep “educating” us all and we’ll end up like you.

  15. Big Dog says:

    So Zing, he said the Jews and the Commies. Where does the fact that Nazi stood for Socialists fit into what Hitler said, pray tell?

    I did not call them the national SOCIALIST worker’s Party, they did and I did not call Nazis Jews or Communists so please tell me how I was in error.

    Or did you confuse that with my assertion that Democrats were Socialists and COMMUNISTS?