Al Jazeera Reports It

Rap artist Kanye West accused President Bush of not caring about black people and that the system was designed to be slow in providing assistance to poor blacks who were impacted by hurricane Katrina. This “artist” also made the claim that:

“We already realised a lot of the people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way, and they’ve given them permission to go down and shoot us,” the Grammy award-winning singer, who was paired with comedian Mike Myers, also said in what NBC described as unscripted remarks.

The rapper was apparently referring to shoot-on-sight orders issued to National Guard troops to halt violence and looting in New Orleans.

A couple of things to look at. Why is this idiot ignoring the crimes committed by the thugs and criminals and making villains out of the people who were sent in to restore law and order? Why is this idiot making untrue claims and causing more uneasiness? Why is this idiot allowing the rest of the world to take his words, which they will see as indicative of all Americans, and broadcast them all over. Notice the link. Al Jazeera has picked up on it. Don’t think this has not gone unnoticed by the enemies of America. What a better time than now for terrorists to slip in and cause more problems on the belief that they will have the support of the black community based upon the rantings of an idiot with no talent.

Isn’t it amazing that when George Bush was in the Guard they were considered a bunch of draft dodging drunkards and not really a part of the military. They were easily dismissed until the disaster and then they are valuable. Except of course when we want them to restore law and order in a place where 1% of the population is causing a problem. Perhaps the idiot who made these remarks would like to explain where his disgust was with regard to the thugs shooting at rescue helicopters and at the police.

I know one thing about all this. Kanye West just received a nomination for Jackass of the Month.

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