Al Gore’s Book; Sour Grapes?

Al Gore has a book out that is basically a fairy tale about how wonderful life would be if he had been elected president. We would all live in mansions on the hill with no war and no poverty and the world would love us, blah, blah. One thing I thought was interesting is this passage:

“The Assault On Reason” begins as an academic discourse about the one-sided, corporate-controlled television medium with no interactivity.

Gore argues that television not only creates a dynamic that runs contrary to Thomas Jefferson’s desire for a “well-informed citizenry” but lulls viewers in a partially immobilized state and allows unreasoned communicators to sell false bills of goods, such as, say, that there was a connection between the Sept. 11 hijackers and Saddam Hussein. ABC News

One sided discussion such as a documentary on global warming that gives one skewed point of view? A documentary that takes as gospel the idea of global warming and proceeds from there? A documentary that does not allow disagreement on the exaggerated claims?

Yep, I can see how Gore would hate such a thing…

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Al Gore’s Book; Sour Grapes?”

  1. Billy Joe says:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion on a book you haven’t even read. That’s very useful.

  2. Big Dog says:

    Let me give you something helpful BT.
    Since the article states:

    On the one hand, Gore has written an un-nostalgic look back at the previous six years that lays out his case as to how the world might look today had the chads fallen another way — a world where U.S. troops would not be fighting in Iraq, Abu Ghraib would just be a town’s name and the nation would have been better prepared for Hurricane Katrina, global warming, and, yes, perhaps even Sept. 11.

    It is not unreasonable to ask the question, is his book sour grapes? That is the purpose of the question mark, it is punctuation to indicate an interrogative statement designed to elicit a response. So the title asks is the book sour grapes?

    Then after that I point out what I thought was interesting and that is he chides one way media and yet that is what he uses with his GW movie.

    I know it is hard to keep up but try. I will let you know that I will not be writing a review because I do not intend to buy the book.