Al Gore and Trivial Stories

Al Gore is out hawking his new book an, what else, climate change. I guess he feels that he is not getting enough press so he has bashed the media and the trivial items it covers:

Former US vice president Al Gore on Friday criticized the “trivialities and nonsense” of celebrity gossip in the media and called on people to focus instead on issues like Iraq and climate change.

Gore, who is promoting his new book “The Assault on Reason,” made the comments at a book signing in New York, where he was treated to a rock star reception by more than 1,300 cheering and screaming fans. Breitbart

Of the two things he says the media should focus on one of them is trivial and nonsensical and it is not the war in Iraq. Global Warming is a theory that has not been proven and there are many well qualified scientists who disagree with the notion as there are touting it. The last thing we need is the media spewing global warming tripe every hour of every day. I would rather go back to the fight over Anna Nichole’s baby. Al and his ilk are trying to make this true by repetition.

I have a suggestion for Al. If he wants to make this something people pay attention to, find some way to show it affects black people more than anyone else and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton will be marching in the streets and inciting riots in order to get change. Of course, I will just start my lawn mower and let it run all day so I don’t have to hear them, but that is how to get an issue to have importance.

Big Dog

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