Ahmadinejad an Insulted Democratic Mouthpiece

Iranian President Ahmadinejad was invited to speak at Columbia University because the folks there believe that it is good to get differing points of view unless those views are conservative. They invited this nut from Iran to speak and he got a bit more than he was counting on when he was introduced. Columbia University President Lee Bollinger was aggressive and confrontational and Ahmadinejad did not like it. He even mentioned how in his country the speaker is not attacked before the speech. They are real tolerant people over there. I believe he mentioned how well homosexuality is tolerated in his sand pit of a country.

The Iranians are all upset because their nut job leader was insulted at CU. They told everyone there would be tough questions but no one counted on a tough introduction. The interesting thing is that while the Iranians are condemning the actions from abroad, the left is condemning them here. Of course, these are probably the same people who applauded when he spoke about the poor Palestinians or when he questioned the official version of 9/11. As he did on 60 Minutes, he spewed Democratic talking points and people applauded, which is their right.

However, I do not want to hear about how the sensitivities of some sand monkey in a suit were hurt or how he was insulted. In his country they do not insult? How about the insult he perpetrated by asking to visit the 9/11 site? He was astonished that people would be upset by this because in his mind he is a peace loving Muslims who would not hurt anyone. I throw a BS flag on his sorry rear.

He has called for the elimination if Israel, refuses to recognize them as a legitimate country, says the Holocaust did not happen, at least not as it has been reported, and he is providing weapons to countries that attack Israel as well as the sand fleas who are attacking our troops. He is a worthless POS and we should have never let him in this country and his presence is all the more reason we need to move the UN someplace else where the standard of living is much more in tune with the representatives of the countries who work there. We need to move them to a third world country where they use outdoor bathrooms and have little in the way of luxury items. They need to go so we never have to admit a scum sucking maggot like Ahmadinejad in our country again.

Another tyrant I am tired of is Hugo Chavez. He defended his buddy Ahmadinejad and said the CU incident

“I congratulate him, in the name of the Venezuelan people, before a new aggression of the U.S. empire,” Chavez said, adding that it seemed Ahmadinejad was the subject of “an ambush.” Breitbart

This is the same guy who was so diplomatic that he called President Bush Satan in that very UN building that we need to get rid of. We need to evict everyone of those third world maggots and knock the building down and use the bricks to build a wall on our southern border. Removing the UN from our country would solve a great deal of problems that people in New York have to deal with every day.

Ahmadinejad uses every chance he gets to disrespect our President. He is an ape who probably has sex with pigs and he does not deserve to breathe. He came to our turf spewing his lies and he was trashed for it. Screw him and the camel he rode in on.

The Congress voted today to denounce Ahmadinejad. This is surprising because he said nothing more than they have been saying for years. I guess when the second coming of Hitler is in the house, they need to pretend to be tough on terror.

Big Dog

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11 Responses to “Ahmadinejad an Insulted Democratic Mouthpiece”

  1. First Read: Ahmedinejad at Columbia an ‘outrage’…

    Rudy Giuliani spoke to a receptive audience in Portland, Maine, today at the National Troopers Coali…

  2. mullah cimoc says:

    mullah cimoc say iran president so harm him neocon spy in whitehouse and pentagon when muslim need teaching christian to reading him bible for learn that bible forbidding him homosexual.

    this the irony when usa people to wake up from stupification because one speaking by iran pres.

    benjamin frankling so happy now if him ameriki to destroying israei spy net in usa media, university and government run by him master in tel aviv. this big loss for mossad.
    this big victory for ameriki people and for freedom of press.

    when usa people stop pay the tribute money for masters in tel aviv then israeli to be destroy.

  3. irtexas44 says:


    I don’t claim to correct you but that would be a little sand monkey in a very bad K-mart suit. We can’t give him points for a regular suit. I have asked that anyone having any old Members Only jackets hanging around to donate them to the little monkey. Being as he doesn’t bath, brush his teeth or wash his greased down hair, it is a humanitarian effort to the poor people that have to be around him. The jackets don’t have to be a certain size because he doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. I guess they only sell these jackets in their version of the Goodwill in the one size fits all dept.

    I do how ever think we can give him the “Most Repulsive Person on the Planet” award. We can only hope some brave person pops both him and hugeo while they are having their love fest.

    I just wonder how the people of Iran are taking his speech that the women there have the most freedom in the world? I guess they will know it if someone lets them read a paper or reads it to them. Of course there are no gays in his country, he kills them. I do think he is an animal person what else would get that close to him?

  4. Patsy says:

    Excellent column, as usual, Big Dog! I’ve been thinking about something recently, and I’d like to run it by you. The PR moves Ahmadinejad has been making, related to his recent United Nations trip, look and seem like they’ve been choreographed by MoveOn.org’s public relations department. Is it possible that George Soros, or rather whoever/whatever is behind Mr. Soros, is advising Iran and Iran’s President? After hearing him speak, seeing his lack of magnetism or auctoritas, it doesn’t appear that the moves he’s making or the words he’s speaking are his own. What I saw of Ahmadinejad, he’s a frigging joke, a lightweight, just nothing, he looks and sounds just like a wimp. He can’t possibly be in charge in Iran, he’s just the mullahs’ trained monkey, their mouthpiece, their front man. Although, with all the great looking, strong, healthy Persian men there are in Iran, that the mullahs would pick this skinny, unattractive, “sissyish” dupe to represent them, says a lot about who and what they are too.

    But getting back to the PR moves made on this trip, I’d still like to know who or what entity is advising Iran? I sense and feel there’s a sinister presence behind the scenes orchestrating these events. Someone is attempting to manipulate the Middle East war, their support for terrorism, trying to convince the world of their reasonableness, and that they can be reasoned with. And they cannot, of course. I think this is all tied in with the goal to diminish the power and authority of the United States. Which is why I wonder about Soros and his organization because that’s their primary goal.

  5. A J Parmalee says:

    Excellent article, Big Dog. One thing about screwing his camel, no thanks. I don’t do seconds, especially after someone like him.
    We should have never let this thug loose in our country, and I am with you as to the UN, we need to get out of it, get it out of our country, and use all the money we contribute to it to either do something good in our own country, or maybe to build bigger and better bombs. Yes, I am somewhat to the right of many.

  6. cyberray says:

    Good article B.D. Let me see if I got this right the tolerants ones invited one of the most intolerant heads of state, one that is responsible for many americans coming homes in body bags, if I was the parents of a brave soldier that got blown up by a Iranian made device, I’d ambush him too .

  7. irtexas44 says:

    Mullah Simple,

    You have about the worst fake written dialect I’ve run a cross. I have a question how old are the clips that are shown on the news? I have to say everytime I see the little men skipping down the street with their little yellow flags and the one guy in the front line can’t seem to stay in time with the rest. Are we supposed to be afraid of a bunch of little guys skipping down the street?

    I also like when he and hugeo hug and kiss each other. Today they were walking to the limo holding hands. Isn’t that just precious?

  8. Schatz says:

    Although I was rather surprised (and almost impressed) with the intro he received, I still remain equally dismayed that this cretin was allowed to enter into our country and “swagger” his way around NY. He had the nerve to say that in this country he could go wherever he pleased and could say whatever he liked. Someone should have given him an old-fashioned Brooklyn-style beat down right then and there.

    Our AMERICAN rights should not be extended to him, or any other person (diplomat or not) who is not a citizen of our country. Our Constitution and rights were set out and have been fought for with AMERICAN blood and not by diplomats (God forbid) or illegals, foreign students or anyone else. The only good reason I could find for having him in the country to speak at that college is because a stationary target is much easier to shoot.

    This man has made it clear that he believes as Pres of a (haha) country he owes no one an explanation for his behavior and can do whatever he likes. I find that insulting since every time the US breaks wind someone is expecting us to justify it, explain it, or apologize for it.

    As for the UN, they are as disrepectful and dishonest as any of our other enemies and should be forced to leave our country and set up house in some place more suitable to their mission – hell, perhaps, has some room.

  9. Virginia says:

    Very good Bigdog, that is why we love you so much, you speak like a real true blooded American Hero. I love it, when you tell it like it really is.

  10. Big Dog says:

    Thanks Virginia!

    You are too kind.