AG Too Close to President?

The NYT is reporting that there are many on the Hill who view the Attorney General as having improper ties to the White House. Gonzales moved from White house Council to AG and there are those in DC who believe he has maintained improper ties to the President. This latest fiasco is part of the larger scheme to discredit and remove members of the Bush Administration in the remaining years of his second term. Yes folks, Democrats believe that the AG is too close to the President.

I wonder where all these moonbats were when Bill Clinton, after firing ALL 93 prosecutors, hired one of his wife’s old law partners to be an associate AG? Does the name Webster Hubbell ring a bell? The Clintons had someone close to them so when the troubles began, they had an ally:

Hubbell confirmed that his silence was bought in a recorded phone conversation with his wife when he was in prison. She told him the White House did not want him to go through with his plan to countersue his former law firm and that she might lose her job with the Interior Department if he did. Hubbell replied, “So I need to roll over one more time.”

The New York Times revealed in May 1997 that the Clintons both lied when they claimed they knew nothing about Hubbell’s legal troubles when he resigned. They lied to give the president plausible deniability if it was charged that he helped arrange for the payment of hush money to Hubbell. It should be big news when two federal judges say the payments appear to have been made to obstruct justice. That was reported by The New York Times and The Washington Post, but both stopped short of implicating Clinton. No one asked why Starr did not refer this to the House as a possible impeachable offense.Media Monitor

Here is an indication of what another Clinton White House will be. Regardless, I am still wondering where all these Democrats were back then. Why were they not vocal about improper ties when Hubbell was obviously taking bullets for the Clintons.

It is that Democratic double standard rearing its ugly head one more time.

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